Morocco receives its seventh Canadair

The third Canadair CN-ATT acquired by the Royal Air Forces is on its way to Morocco. With this latest delivery, the national fleet will now number 7 aircraft. An undeniable asset for fighting forest fires in summer.

The Royal Armed Forces (FAR) will receive a new Canadair on Friday May 17. This new aircraft will bring the Moroccan fleet to a total of 7 water bomber aircraft specialized in the fight against forest fires, reports the specialized forum “FAR Maroc”.

According to the social media forum “FAR Morocco”, specializing in military and defense issues, the aircraft, a Canadair CL-215T bearing the Moroccan registration code CN-ATT, crossed the Atlantic Ocean this Thursday 16 May, to stopover at an airport in the Azores, Portugal, before continuing on to Morocco.

The same Source indicates that this aircraft, which will be the 7th water bomber of the Moroccan fleet, should land on Friday, May 17 on the tarmac of the Third Air Base of the Royal Air Forces in Kenitra.

Morocco has set itself the objective of increasing its Canadair fleet to 8 aircraft by 2024, instead of the current 6.

A centerpiece in the fight against forest fires in the Kingdom, Morocco also places its fleet at the service of friendly and allied countries which face this type of disaster.

The Canadian manufacturer of the aircraft announced last April that it would make the final adjustments preceding the delivery of this outstanding aircraft.

This is the second in a series of three Canadairs ordered by Morocco. Indeed, the Kingdom had five Canadair CL-415s in 2022. Since then, it has undertaken an ambitious strategy to modernize its fleet. An approach which has paid off, given the increase in forest fires.

In this way, according to the report on the sectoral budget of the National Defense Administration for the year 2023, Morocco has decided to acquire three additional Canadairs. He had opted for second-hand CL-215 water bombers manufactured between 1986 and 1988 as did Greece and Spain, according to the details of this transaction, revealed by Moroccan Military Forum.

The Moroccan contract amounts to 132 million dollars and concerns the conversion of 3 CL-215 aircraft. “The choice of second-hand CL-215s was due to the fact that the CL-415 is no longer marketed by the manufacturer and that the newborn from De Havilland (a subsidiary of Bombardier) CL-515 is not available before 2026,” adds the same Source.

In addition to their main mission, namely to put out forest fires, the Canadairs have become undeniable diplomatic assets. Morocco has in fact made these machines available to friendly and neighboring countries. This was the case in 2017, when the Kingdom dispatched this formidable air firefighter to support Portugal in its fight against devastating fires.

Likewise, Rabat generously made its devices available to the Algerian authorities in 2021 when its eastern neighbor was ravaged by flames which caused the death of no less than 69 people. An offer declined by Algiers, which preferred to turn to “friendly” European countries, to paraphrase the Algerian president.



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