Rayane Messi, the talent who will be talked about from the next transfer window

Rayane Messi, the talent who will be talked about from the next transfer window
Rayane Messi, the talent who will be talked about from the next transfer window

Subject of the RMC “Scouting” podcast this week, Rayane Messi, French striker playing in Dijon, nationally, should be at the heart of the discussions of the next summer transfer window while his contract with the DFCO expires in June 2025., Elie Tharcisius Badiane, his former U11 coach at Versailles and Thomas Fabre, responsible for youth recruitment in Dijon, spoke about the French U17 international.

“Qualities of speed, percussion, ball striking and a lot of precocity in the interpretation of the game”, Elie Tharcisius Badiane, “scout” in Reims and former coach of Rayane Messi in U11 at Versailles, is full of praise about the young 16-year-old French player.

Guests in the RMC “Scouting” podcast, Elie Tharcisius Badiane, Zacharie Messi, father of Rayane and Thomas Fabre, responsible for youth recruitment in Dijon, spoke about the U17 international of the Blues.

“The principal told us ‘I detected extraordinary abilities in your son’, I was stunned to the spot”

Arriving in Dijon from Versailles (his training club) in the summer of 2022, Rayane Messi quickly climbed the ranks with the Bourguignon club. On April 5, 2024, he played his first minutes with the professionals, in the National championship against… Versailles, a nice wink for the French U17 international. “From the start of the season last year, even though he was a first year, he validated the u17 level in three or four months,” explains Thomas Fabre.

According to Zacharie Messi, the current Dijon player has always focused on what he had to do: “Rayane has always been a special boy, that is to say he has always put his work before him, I have never seen this boy do anything stupid. I have always seen him straight, sticking to what he is doing in the present, that is to say he is doing sport, he is doing it thoroughly. , if he studies, he sticks to it and goes all the way, I’ve never really seen him in situations where he did stupid things.”

Unlike many, Rayane Messi’s parents had a nice surprise by being summoned to the principal’s office, as his father tells us. “One day I was called to school and I thought he (Rayane) had done something really stupid so when he came home I told him to come see me and he said ‘no dad, I don’t.’ I didn’t do anything, I assure you I didn’t do anything.’ I arrive at school, I see the principal who calls us into an office and tells us ‘I have detected extraordinary abilities in your son, he must play high-level sport and on top of that, Because of his attitude in class, it allowed others to progress.’ I was stunned when I heard that.”

Episode 36: Rayane Messi, a well-known name… And a lot of talent!

The structured side of Rayane is confirmed by Elie Tharcisius Badiane. “I would say that he is a studious person, when I talk it is true that he has great potential but he has this particularity of being very attentive and very studious, that is to say not difficult to manage.”

For his part, Thomas Fabre noted an interesting point on this subject: “Rayane is a boy who does not create problems with a very good state of mind, a good character so when he joins the INF Clairefontaine and when he also comes back to the Versailles club on weekends he always does what is expected so he participates in all the sessions because apart from injuries, he is never punished, he is never sanctioned so it is not trivial .”

“I believe he is one of the boys who has progressed the most among those I know at the INF”

Rayane Messi is a versatile offensive player according to Thomas Fabre. “When he arrives, he arrives as a central attacker. He’s not a big size but he fights, he guards, he makes races, he’s generous and then you see him at all levels and in all teams, attackers who want to run and who make calls for others is not always easy to find Afterwards, in the adult world, he also exists on the side and that perhaps gives him a little less responsibility, he. is less obliged to carry the team alone In the French team (U17), he plays on the side because there are also other profiles who are perhaps less comfortable in this position. than him.”

The French player’s areas of progression were quickly identified, as the head of youth recruitment in Dijon explains: “When he arrived, and that was the talk at the INF, it was the use of his weak foot because he still had a little difficulty using his left foot, I think he still has room for improvement in small spaces. I didn’t know him when he was little but on his journey. in pre-training, he worked a lot technically.”

“I believe that he is one of the boys who has progressed the most among those I know at the INF, whether on the first touch, ease, flexibility. He will only be able to progress technically to finally improve this speed and this double acceleration that he also has.”

The offensive side has always been innate in the player trained at Versailles, as his father confides: “Rayane has often been attracted by the goal, he excels in all the positions in front, we can position him on the left, on the right , you should know that the coach of the France team prefers to position him on the right because he does not have a fast enough profile to be able to position Rayane in the axis.

For the future of his son, Zacharie Messi is clear. “We are based on a path of progression so the club that wants to welcome Rayane will really have to put him in conditions so that he can remember what he learned in Dijon in order to be able to progress more and more with the equipment, the stable environment that goes with it, quite simply a club that seeks to make it progress.”

Now that he has discovered the professional world, Rayane Messi will not turn back if he is transferred to another club, an important criterion according to his father: “He has entered the professional world and must stay there in order to grow well and to be able to progress so as not to regress by going back, he must stay in the professional world to grow.”

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