The PS5 sells 5 times more than the Xbox Series (yes, both consoles combined)

The PS5 sells 5 times more than the Xbox Series (yes, both consoles combined)
The PS5 sells 5 times more than the Xbox Series (yes, both consoles combined)

The recent studio closures (Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks, in particular) on the Xbox side are perhaps motivated less by a sudden desire to do some spring cleaning than by a short-term economic imperative. Based on figures from Sony’s financial statements and estimates by renowned analyst seems that the war of the Xbox Series against the PS5 is already lost.

An Xbox literally crushed by the competition

Microsoft has never managed to regain sales momentum identical to that of the Xbox 360 two decades ago. Shunned by players even before its release, the Xbox One sold so poorly that the company stopped communicating its sales figures. Also, to date, we do not know how many units of the Xbox Series

And that fork… it’s scary. According to Sony’s latest report, the PlayStation 5 has sold 59.2 million copies worldwide (at the same period of its life, the PS4 sold just over 60 million). In the last quarter alone, the manufacturer sold more than 4.5 million machines. This is five times more than its American competitor, according to estimates by Daniel Ahmad.

In other words, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series more than 2 million copies over the same period.

Microsoft’s strategy called into question

On a technical level, however, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are not very different. The two latest generation home consoles are very powerful and allow gaming at high refresh rates. So, what exactly is wrong? For many, the answer is very simple: the games catalog, poor in attractive exclusives compared to a very offensive Sony on this point.

Over the last six months, the PS5 has welcomed Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Helldiverse II And Stellar Bladewhere Microsoft consoles have not been entitled to anything new since Starfieldin September 2023.

However, it will not have escaped anyone’s notice that Microsoft is spending lavishly to fill the ranks of Xbox Game Studios. At the end of last year, the epilogue of an endless soap opera was written: that of the takeover of the ogre Activision-Blizzard-King for 70 billion euros. However, according to Bloomberg, Microsoft is now wondering if the promise to release the games Call of Duty on the Game Pass would not be shooting yourself in the foot, the license being a real goose that lays golden eggs.

Answer on June 9, the date on which Microsoft will organize an Xbox conference, followed by the presentation of the new title in the franchise Call of Duty.



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