Europeans 2024: defense, ecology, agriculture… what Raphaël Glucksmann’s program contains

Europeans 2024: defense, ecology, agriculture… what Raphaël Glucksmann’s program contains
Europeans 2024: defense, ecology, agriculture… what Raphaël Glucksmann’s program contains

Three weeks before the election, Raphaël Glucksmann (finally) presents his program to “wake up Europe”. Three hundred and seventeen measures that he hopes will make Europe more “powerful, ecological, social”but also ” just “ And ” integrated “.

Unsurprisingly, the MEP first focuses on international issues. As a preamble to his project, the head of the list of the Socialist Party and the Place Publique movement looks at the current climate of tension which reigns in the world, one which “requires a European start “, according to him. “We are experiencing a moment of change which will define the history of peoples and civilizationshe warned. These will recover or sink into the abyss “.

“Become sovereign again”

He affirms it: faced with the storm, Europe must first be able to ensure its own security. For this, Raphaël Glucksmann intends to rearm Europe by setting up a European fund of 100 billion euros financed by a common loan “to invest in defense industries” : “ What we did in the face of a pandemic, we must be able to do in the face of war “.

Raphaël Glucksmann also proposes a “Buy European Act” in the field of armaments so that investments made in Europe “do not primarily benefit North American industry”. Finally, the candidate reaffirms his support for the Ukrainian resistance: “We want to seize the 206 billion Russian public assets currently frozen”, “prioritize the delivery (of weapons) to the Ukrainian resistance on all other contracts » but also “strengthen sanctions against the Russian regime”.

By his diary “Europe 2030 “, which he describes as ” radical and realistic “, since it is based, we can read, on ” the reality of the threats that weigh and the reality of the crises” crossings, the PP-PS list means “a“resume confrontation with authoritarian regimes that seek to destabilize our democracies.”

How ? Leaving “fossil fuels that weaken us and destroy the climate”, by breaking up “with the religion of free trade that has deindustrialized our nation.” But also while fighting “against the explosion of inequalities which undermine the social contract at the basis of our democracy “.

The candidate also insisted on the necessary ambition to “become sovereign again”. This requires moving away from dependence on fossil fuels produced in China: “Europe must transform itself into a continent of producers” of goods and energy.

Another priority stated by the candidate: protecting biodiversity, the head of the list wishes to adopt a policy of energy sobriety “as the basis of European sovereignty”. The heart of this project is the meeting of power and ecology: “It is through ecological transformation that Europe will be able to assert itself as a power. And it is through the affirmation of European power that we will be able to fight effectively on a global scale against climate collapse. “.

“We will invest massively in renewable energies and our desire is to phase out fossil fuels in Europe, coal in 2030, fossil gas in 2035 and oil in 2045”he continued.

CAP reform

Among the other measures labeled as ecological, Raphaël Glucksmann wishes to achieve the objective “30×30” (protect 30% of land areas and 30% of maritime areas of the European Union by 2030) to make sanctions against “deterrent ecocide crimes “. During the press conference, Raphaël Glucksmann was accused of copycatting the ecological programs of the majority parties.

On the agriculture and food side, Raphaël Glucksmann supports the exit from all GDP and the development of new indicators that take into account the quality of life. He specifies that he also wants to reform the common agricultural policy (CAP) to make it a “common agricultural and food policy”.

The way forward, according to him: eliminate aid per hectare to move towards aid for employment and ecological utility, support farmers in their agroecological transitions, and guarantee farmers’ income via remunerative floor prices while leaving free trade.

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