this brand is reintroducing cost prices!

this brand is reintroducing cost prices!
this brand is reintroducing cost prices!

While prices at the pump are abnormally high, and the fuel allowance has disappeared, all that remains are large retail brands to get good deals. That’s good, a large French group has just announced the return of fuel at cost price in its stations.

After a slight decline at the end of 2023, fuel prices at the pump are on the rise again since the beginning of the year.

Pump prices still critical

Thus, and according to the website, a liter of Diesel (B7) is currently trading at €1.74/litre, or 5.7 cents more than the same period last year. . It is much worse for Unleaded 95 (E10) and Unleaded 98 (E10), displayed respectively at €1.89/liter and €1.98/literthe latter flirting dangerously with the symbolic price of €2 per liter…
Last year, to contain these price increases and avoid too significant repercussions on the wallets of the French, the government had introduced a fuel allowancewhich was in the form of a check for €100 (€200 per household maximum) paid at once for the entire year.
This ended on December 31, 2023, and the Minister of the Economy, Bruno the Mayor assured that she would be back as soon as a critical threshold was crossed, that is to say if Unleaded 95 (E10) exceeded €1.95/liter. This is not yet the case, but the fact is that the current amounts are critical, and significantly higher than those of recent years.
Failing to be able to count on this state aid, it is possible to turn to fuel distributors and mass retailers to get good deals…

The return of cost prices at Système U

Among them, the TotalEnergies group has already confirmed that it will cap its station prices at €1.99/liter for all fuels combined.and this for the whole of 2024. But what is most likely to interest the French is the return of fuel at cost price.
It was implemented by several brands in 2023, then very occasionally by a few in 2024. It is finally its big comeback, and it’s happening at Super U!
The brand’s boss, Dominique Schelcher, confirmed to our colleagues at BFM Business that “ there will undoubtedly be fuel operations at cost this summer at our stations. » And added: “ but also at E.Leclerc, with whom we buy our fuel in groups “.
Good news for the purchasing power of the French, who will be able to take the vacation route more peacefully this summer. Dominique Schelcher also gave some reasons which explain the increase in recent months: “ The price of a barrel of oil has increased by 10 dollars since the start of the year. The reasons are obviously due to various international conflicts, but also because Americans consume a lot and drive a lot. »

Faced with these announcements, other brands could follow in the footsteps of Système Uto keep their service stations attractive…



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