future high-traffic areas will soon see the light of day around La Rochelle – Angers Info

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The La Rochelle urban community is committed to creating two major transit areas, in Périgny and La Jarne, in the next two to three years, in order to comply with the law.

According to France Bleu, the lack of infrastructure to accommodate 200 caravans creates tensions within the population. The slow progress fuels tensions. In the absence of agreement with the owners, the state is considering expropriation measures to acquire the land necessary for the creation of major transit areas.

Divisions Within the Population

The project divides the inhabitants of La Jarne. Some welcome the creation of these areas, while others express concerns about potential problems.

Despite the reluctance, the investigating commissioner issued a favorable opinion as part of the public inquiry. The opening of the areas is planned within two years.

Caution and Expectations

The associations remain cautious about the effective realization of the project. Meetings are planned to monitor the progress of the work.

While waiting for the opening of the areas in La Jarne and Périgny, temporary land has been found in La Rochelle for next summer, validated by the prefect.



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