The young pedophile separated from minors: “What I did is atrocious”

The young pedophile separated from minors: “What I did is atrocious”
The young pedophile separated from minors: “What I did is atrocious”

The 24-year-old South Luxembourger who was caught for possession and distribution of child pornography images described as sickening by those who had access to the file, has been notified of his conviction. During a search of his parents’ home, 3,500 images and 1,200 videos were seized. A terrible shock for well-known parents who saw their son end up in a prison cell for odious reasons that they did not suspect.

The facts were denounced by the American company NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) which transmitted the file to the Belgian branch of the “Child Abuse” police service.

Nathan Gofflot, from Etalle, taciturn and reserved, did not seek to deny or minimize the facts: “Two years ago, I came across an image by chance. It caught my attention, I wanted to see more and I became addicted. Despite my efforts, I could no longer live without it.”

“What I did was atrocious”

During the investigative hearing, the defendant expressed his regrets: “I knew that I was incapable of taking action. I did not realize that what I was doing was wrong, since it was behind a screen. Today, I realize the atrocity of my actions.

Behind him, in the courtroom, his parents and his girlfriend are there to support him.

The report from the mental health center does not reassure Florence Ricci, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office: “The psychiatric expert notes that the defendant has developed an intense interest in pedophilia. He insists on the importance of putting in place a therapeutic system in addition to following guidance which must include lasting avoidance of any minor population. risk of recurrence is major.”

Judge Jean-Paul Pavanello recalled that the aim of the sanction was precisely to avoid any form of repeat offense, or even committing the act. He practically followed substitute Florence Ricci who, given “this irrepressible addiction” had requested 18 months of imprisonment, but who had above all requested strict measures so that the accused was prohibited from working in an environment where he could be in contact with children.

The young pedophile is sentenced to 15 months in prison, but benefits from a five-year reprieve for what exceeds the preventive detention.

In addition to the recommendations proposed by the expert psychiatrist, he is banned from rights for 5 years. He cannot, among other things, be elected, hold public office, hold weapons, serve in the armed forces, participate in any capacity whatsoever in education intended for minors, serve as a member, volunteer or staff member. of an association or, or, in general, be in a relationship of authority or trust with minors.



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