has reportedly discovered immense oil reserves, concern is growing

has reportedly discovered immense oil reserves, concern is growing
Russia has reportedly discovered immense oil reserves, concern is growing

The equivalent of 511 billion barrels of oil, approximately double the reserves of Saudi Arabia, the world leader in the sector. This is what discovered in Antarctica, according to several English-speaking media such as Newsweek or The Telegraph.

Documents relating to the incredible find, which would have been made in 2020 but would have gone under the radaraccording to The Telegraph, were studied last week by the environmental committee of the House of Commons of the Kingdom Parliament.

Because this oil reserve would have been spotted in the Wedell Sea, in an area claimed by the United Kingdom, even if that does not mean much. Several other countries have territorial claims to Antarctica, including , but this immense continent has been governed by the Antarctic Treaty since its entry into force in 1961. Now signed by more than 50 countries, including Russia, it stipulates that no country has territory in Antarctica, the region being dedicated to scientific research.

The exploitation of possible oil deposits is therefore prohibited. But concern is growing around the real intentions of Russia, which has five research stations in Antarctica, gradually established since 1957.

The fact that Russia collects seismic data that could be interpreted for prospecting rather than scientific research is worrying “, Klaus Dodds, Antarctic expert and professor of geopolitics at Royal Holloway College, told Members of Parliament. According to him, Russian activities must be understood as aimed at “ weaken standards related to seismic research in Antarctica and, ultimately, as a first step towards resource extraction “.

The British government’s Foreign nevertheless stated that “ Russia had assured [aux signataires du traité] that his activities had only a scientific aim “.

The next Antarctic Treaty consultative meeting is due to take place in India at the end of May.



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