Donald Trump and Joe Biden will debate in June and September

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will debate in June and September
Donald Trump and Joe Biden will debate in June and September

The favorites for the American presidential election in November, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, will debate for the first time on June 27 on the American channel CNN. They will also meet again in September on ABC.

“Joe Biden is the worst debater I’ve ever faced!” Before even entering the arena, Donald Trump sets the tone. The former American president and his successor confirmed this Wednesday, May 15, the holding of their first debate in view of the presidential election in November.

It is on the American continuous news channel CNN that the two favorites of the two major camps will debate. The appointment is set for June 27, as indicated by the media company in a press release. Taking into account the time difference, the exchange should take place around 4 a.m. in France.

This duel will take place without an audience according to this press release from the channel. It will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. A second debate was also confirmed this Wednesday. It will take place on September 10 on CNN’s competing channel, ABC.

The ex-president then assured on Truth Social that he had accepted a third debate, on October 2 on Fox News, a channel popular with conservatives. But Joe Biden did not immediately comment on this possibility.

“Make me happy, buddy.”

“Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020. He hasn’t shown up to a debate since. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, humor me, buddy “, Joe Biden told his opponent in a message published before the announcement.

“Ready for a fight,” Donald Trump responded immediately via his Truth Social network.

The two candidates are heating up the sauce of an election that is fast approaching. A recent New York Times poll, however, demonstrated Donald Trump’s significant lead over his rival, with the latter having control over more states considered to be “swing states” in his voting intentions.

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