Girondins. Jérémy Livolant: “Albert Riera is the man for the job”

Girondins. Jérémy Livolant: “Albert Riera is the man for the job”
Girondins. Jérémy Livolant: “Albert Riera is the man for the job”

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Regarding the results of his season

Jérémy Livolant at a press conference: “The results are mixed, it’s a disappointing season. The results are not there for a club like Bordeaux, it’s not acceptable the position we are in. We will still remember positive things from certain matches. Which is unfortunate, it’s that we haven’t managed to string together as I said in previous interviews. It’s not having stringed together series of matches in Ligue 2, it’s complicated. So our position is, let’s say legitimate, today because we didn’t follow through. So it’s a shame today. Which is unfortunate, at home we performed, away we didn’t perform, so the position we have today is deserved.”

What did the team miss?

“We talked about efficiency all season long, it’s defensive and offensive efficiency. Sometimes you don’t have to know how to always look good, but you have to be efficient. It’s not easy to win at the end. ‘outside in Ligue 2, you have to know that too So sometimes good play is good, but also you sometimes have to be effective in both surfaces, so sometimes you have to be pragmatic and at certain times of the season we don’t. wasn’t, that’s what failed us.”

Concerning the first leg in Pau

“Indeed, it’s true that it sums up the season a bit, this first match. It’s true that we talk about it quite often among ourselves. This first 3-0 match, it’s crazy because we have opportunities to score, to lead in the match and we get this shot from Saivet which is incredible Afterwards we have chances, we hit the bar, we miss a penalty It’s true that this match can sum up this season. there.”

Is Bordeaux too playful a team for Ligue 2?

“We saw great teams like Clermont and Toulouse who came up, Troyes too, who played very well football. We also saw Ajaccio who played a little less, who were more pragmatic in their playing intentions and who also came up. .

So it’s true that Ligue 2 is so homogeneous that today we can’t know what the best formula is to be able to move up. But, I think today, the more League 2 has progressed in time, the more the teams playing are in the top 5.”

Regarding his season

“She is a reflection of the team. I haven’t been a leader like I was the previous season. So we also have to assume this role even if the last few months have been much better. We also have to being realistic, being at 4 goals, 3 or 4 assists, that’s not much for me.

You have to be honest with yourself, there are things that are good, others that are not so good and there is a questioning that must also be done. So you have to be clear with yourself and be honest. There are things that have not been done and I am the first to be unhappy with myself.”

What state of mind do you have when you’re a Girondins player and you don’t know the future of the club?

“We are going to be like you, we are going to be informed day by day, we are going to see the information like you, we are going to see the rumors, we are going to see how it unfolds. Today, it is a delicate situation for everyone the world, whether for the employees or for the fans. So it’s not easy for everyone but today I think that the president has a plan and we will have to trust him too and start in the right direction. feel it I hope.”

Do members of management speak with you?

“Today we don’t have too much news on that. It’s true that the end of the season was really difficult so the primary objective was to maintain. The last time we spoke with the president, it was after Annecy, before the international break (March 16, 2024) So we had an exchange with him about the situation we were in because we were really not in a good position. He set the record straight. time and we did what he asked, to keep the club in Ligue 2. Anything external doesn’t concern us but it concerns him, I know he will do the best possible.”

Concerning the match for the 100th anniversary of Parc Lescure

“I was at the match yesterday and it’s clear that when you see that, it’s just magnificent. We see that there is a story, we who are players from outside, who arrives in this club, when we see that, it’s exceptional. There was a crazy atmosphere with legendary players. So, it’s true that when we see that, we say to ourselves that we have to return to these beautiful moments.

Is Albert Riera the man for the job?

“Yes of course. Today he is – he knows where he is going. We know that he is the man for the job in terms of the intentions he has. When we listen to his conference this morning , we know where he wants to go and today when we are a player, it’s super reassuring we see that he has no doubts and all the players are concerned with him.

>> Albert Riera awaits a response from Gérard Lopez



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