back from Burkina Faso with the Marley d’Or Espoir 2024 Prize, Queen Rima sends a message to the Guinean Minister of Culture

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On the occasion of a distinction ceremony (11th edition of the Marley d’Or editor’s note) which brought together several reggae-men, in Burkina Faso, the star of Guinean music Queen Rima distinguished herself during this gathering in winning the Marley d’Or Espoir 2024 Prize. Returning to Conakry on the evening of Wednesday, April 15, 2024, the rising star of Guinean music expressed all his joy and satisfaction at making Guinea shine internationally.

According to her, it is an honor for her and a recognition which proves that she is on the right path and which shows her that through music Guinea can shine beyond our borders.

Continuing, she indicated that many challenges still remain to be overcome. “There is my album in preparation, we brought this trophy but we are not going to limit ourselves here. I plan to redouble my efforts. And here I am with my Booker who worked a lot on booking and who set up a lot of international dates, because today that’s my fight. I cannot be an artist limited only to Guinea. So I know how often Guinean music is strong, when you try to mix it up with traditional instruments and the flow that I have, it works and that’s what I did and it worked.

Further, the dance hall star who appears on channels and on catwalks with traditional Guinean outfits finds pride and awareness because there is no better value than our originality. “That’s what we can sell elsewhere. We can’t go to Jamaica or France to convince them with their styles, you have to impose what’s at home. And since I understood and took this route it has helped me a lot,” she added.

Finally, the author of the hit “La houn lé yolan” pleads with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Crafts and more particularly with the new Minister Moussa Moïse Sylla to come to the aid of artists. “We need him, because sometimes if we go on trips we need a helping hand. So he needs to help us a lot on this point. (…) So they just have to help us because that’s the cause of Guinea, it’s not just Queen Rima.”

Mamadou Yaya Barry



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