the “failure” of the latest games confirmed by Square Enix, which is in the middle of a crisis

According to Square Enix, the studio’s recent headlines have had disappointing results, including Final Fantasy VII Rebirth And Final Fantasy XVI.

Not long ago, we suspected mixed sales for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, despite the enormous anticipation it had generated before its release. These suspicions now seem to be confirmed with the latest announcements made by Square Enix. According to Takashi Kiryu, boss of the firm, it is three of their major stocks that underperformed commercially during this last fiscal year.

Foamstars (a party shooter that didn’t make much of a splash), Final Fantasy XVI And FF7 Rebirth are the culprits and Square Enix is ​​now taking responsibility for the disappointing scores. While the video game industry is going through a crisis, these failures even shake the Japanese company to the point of making it question everything.

It’s the mouse

a very disappointing outcome

According to Takashi Mochizuki of BloombergTakashi Kiryu, would have declared that the sales of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy 16 And Foamstars are much lower than the company’s forecasts. While none has obviously been a huge flop (at least for the FF), these underperformances remain hard for Square Enix to absorb, because of what they cost it. We recall that the production of triple A video games is more and more expensive every year, and entails increasingly significant financial risks.

Still according to comments reported by Mochizuki, sales of Final Fantasy 16 would have initially been fairly equivalent to what was expected (this is what Square Enix declared at the time, in fact), but would ultimately not have succeeded in maintaining itself in the long term. In the end, the blockbuster that was to reinvent the formula Final Fantasy did not achieve the expected objective. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth And Foamstarsfor their part, did not even live up to the expected sales from the first days of launch, according to the firm.

square in crisis

The publisher therefore considers doing a profit of 40 billion yen (around 236 million euros) for this last fiscal year instead of 57 billion yen (336 million euros) which were originally hoped for. It’s a colossal loss and stock market-wise, you shouldn’t be jumping for joy. Note that the three games partially responsible for this crisis are all PS5 exclusives. If this observation is probably not enough to justify their relative failure, it is certainly taken into account by Square Enix (and its shareholders).

This is well in line with Xbox, which recently prophesied the end of exclusives on consoles, for the benefit of multiplatform. And what a godsend that Square Enix took its first step towards Microsoft, last March, with the release of Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox. Perhaps the company already sensed its poor balance sheet, and was preparing its drastic change of strategy.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: photoMeanwhile, FF14 saves the furniture by still being the most profitable episode of the saga

the final exclusivity?

Consequently, the publisher announced the birth of a three-year plan aimed at relaunching the growth of the firm. And for now, it already implies layoffs (on the American and European side) and game cancellations. This is once again reminiscent of Xbox (which is definitely leading the way during this crisis) whose ambition is to reduce its expenses as much as possible while focusing on multiplatform.

Square Enix has actually indicated that it wants “pursue a multiplatform strategy including Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and PC media‘ – as noted by a document shared on Twitter/X by the userWario64. Final Fantasy, him, already has one foot in the Xbox galaxy, and will undoubtedly turn away from PlayStation exclusives for good in the future. It remains to be seen if a release on several platforms will finally allow the franchise to be as successful as Square Enix has been dreaming of for years.



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