Salmon discovery day in Malio-Moisie

(Photo credit Salmon Québec FQSA)

Provide an opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to come together and learn about salmon. This is the objective of Audrey Ringuette, mentor at Saumon Québec and organizer of the Discovery Day on May 25 at the Scandinavian chalet on the banks of the majestic Mishta Shipu (Moisie River).

For several years, there have been concerns related to the preservation of Atlantic salmon. Remember that several measures were taken last year by ITUM to counter the decline of the species, including stopping net fishing. According to Audrey Ringuette, the day will be the perfect opportunity to give maximum information to participants.

Fishing from generation to generation

“We are going to talk about the sustainability of the resource, there will be workshops with biologists from Saumon Québec to talk about the salmon cycle and also the traditional history of salmon among indigenous people and its importance for us. »

Ms. Ringuette hopes to see a mixed audience there, made up of both Innu and non-Innu people. The desire is to continue the gathering and reconciliation of the two peoples with the sharing, in harmony, of the Moisie River. Quebec singer Marc Déry and the Innu group Maten will host the evening of May 25.

Interview with Audrey Ringuette, mentor of the Salmon Québec Shakuitaimu Discovery Day

Like many other members of the Innu community, Audrey Ringuette developed her passion for salmon fishing thanks to her family. His father, uncles, aunts and grandparents passed on this passion to him, but also their values. She was made aware early on about protecting the resource and respecting the animal. She is very happy to see that women have an increasingly important place in salmon fishing.

Mentoring for women

“There are more and more women taking up salmon fishing. The FQSA even did mentoring events for women. At the time, when I started, there weren’t many, but today when you go out to the river you come across several women, it’s beautiful to see. »

The Discovery Day will also serve to train the next generation of salmon sport fishers, by already raising awareness of the issues of preserving the resource.

“That’s the big message of the day. » Audrey Ringuette will also lead the fly casting workshop, on the Innu-Nikamu site. The Quebec Salmon Discovery Day in Moisie and Maliotenam is free and no registration is necessary. Participants will only have to show up at the ITUM Scandinavian chalet by 10 a.m.



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