Girondins4Ever is the man for the job and you have to trust him. Today he knows where he is going.”

(Photo by Romain Perrocheau/FEP/Icon Sport)

Jérémy Livolantat a pre-match press conference between the Girondins de Bordeaux and Pau, was asked about his coach, Albert Riera. Does he think he is the right man for next season?

“Yes of course he is the man for the job and we must trust him. Today he knows where he is going. We know that he is the man for the job in terms of his playing intentions. When we listen to his press conference this morning, we know where he wants to go. Today, when you’re a player, it’s super reassuring. We see that he has no doubts. Today, all players are concerned.”

How did he manage to listen to his press conference?

“We watched, we were down there, so we watched the press conference before the warm-up. We also listen to what he says, and it’s also interesting to follow the news.”

And the news is also the anniversary of Parc Lescure, and Tuesday evening’s match against the Variétés Club de France, who was there.

“I was at the match, and when you see that, it’s clear that it’s just magnificent. We see that there is a story. We who are players, from the outside, when we see our club, when we see that, it’s exceptional. There was a crazy atmosphere, with legendary players. When we see that, we say to ourselves that we have to return to these beautiful moments.”

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