Death of Mande née Briba Odette: Thanks

Death of Mande née Briba Odette: Thanks
Death of Mande née Briba Odette: Thanks

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even if he dies, he will live. » John 11:25

The big Sawadogo family, Briba Gondologo, and Ouaga

The big family goes to Gourcy, Ouaga, Mande Yargo

His Majesty Naaba Teegré de Sabouri

Allies: Kabore, Ouedraogo, Kére, in Ouagadougou, Kaya; manga, Ouahigouya, Tenkodogo

Children Rosalie and Constantine, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Very touched by the expressions of sympathy you have shown, following the death on May 4, 2024 of their daughter, wife, sister, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Madame Mande née Briba Odette, retired home secretary with crow’s feet, death occurred in his 78th year.

While apologizing for not being able to mention all the names for fear of forgetting any. However, they express their gratitude:

To the priests of the Parish of Notre Dame des Apostles de la Patte d’Oies

The CCB Saint Hyacinthe and the Association of Catholic Women of Patte D’Oie

To the neighbors and young people of the Patte d’Oie district

To beautiful families

To the Allied families,

To Rosalie’s friends and neighbors

To Constantine’s friends and colleagues

They apologize to all those whose names could not be cited. Be grateful for it.

That his soul rests in peace.




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