The silence in the face of hatred of the Jew has lasted too long

The silence in the face of hatred of the Jew has lasted too long
The silence in the face of hatred of the Jew has lasted too long

Since October 7, millions of Jews in Israel, here in the country, and elsewhere, have fallen into a reality that they thought belonged to the past. While Yom HaShoah and Yom Hazikaron were opportunities for many to rally around the famous words “Never Again”, these must not remain just a simple slogan.

From the worst pogrom suffered by the Jews since the Second World War, the flames of hatred of the Jews have been reignited with renewed vigor. Recent figures for hate crimes prove it. Still, it’s not like we didn’t see it coming.

For years, we have been trying to warn about a movement that could easily have been slowed or stopped. Unbridled anti-Semitism, first fueled by various conspiracies, then with October 7 by death cults (with the help of a group of “useful idiots”) advocating the eradication of Jews and their ancestral home, grew and was allowed to expand.

“Never Again” actually gave way to “No Waves.”

The past has shown that silence, complicit or not, like the refusal to confront hatred, does not appease evil. In fact, it’s just postponing the inevitable.

Hatred of the Jew and disturbing silence

In recent months in Montreal, we have seen an extremist preacher call for the death of Jews. We saw Jewish schools being shot up. We see hateful slogans almost every week, glorifications of the October 7 attacks. In the name of defending the Palestinian people, the streets of Montreal are transformed into bars open to hatred.

However, defending the terrorist barbarity of an organization which only wishes to see its population die as martyrs and which diverts all international aid intended for it, which uses hospitals as places of torture and launching rockets, and which confines women at a lower status, it is not defending a people’s liberation organization or defending peace from a tent in the city center.

Faced with all this, no elected official or personality should minimize these actions, or even observe them with a complacent eye at best, or at worst with a complicit eye. These actions must be denounced loud and clear.

Goodwill as a solution

It is certain that we do not face the same threats as our previous generations. It should therefore be easier for all of us to act against the current rise in anti-Semitism. You just need to have the will. We owe it not only to the memory of the 6 million victims of the Shoah and the thousand victims of October 7, but we owe it above all to our children and to those who will live in the Quebec of tomorrow.

However, don’t get me wrong. What starts with the Jews will end up affecting all Quebecers. The demonstrators who today attack our community and Israel also attack our society and our Western way of life.

From hatred of the Jew to hatred of Quebec there is only one step, it is time for all of society to realize this and mobilize against it.

Eta Yudin, Vice-President, Quebec, Advisory Center for Jewish and Israeli Relations (CIJA)



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