The LS will shake until the end

The LS will shake until the end
The LS will shake until the end

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There are two matches left in this round against relegation and Lausanne has still not ensured its retention in the elite. Worse: there is a sense of unhealthy tension after the defeat against Lucerne. LS is now only four points ahead of GC, the roadblock. Fragility of the moment.

Unable to beat the Lucernois who no longer hope for anything this season, the Lausannois are trembling. They are now obliged to beat this already relegated SLO next Saturday at Pontaise. A formality? Far from being the case in this derby, even less with the suspension of Dussenne (expelled this Wednesday evening for two yellows). Because if GC continues on its recovery, then there could be in the process, on the last day, the match of fear at La Tuilière, this LS-GC, place of play-off at stake.

Good start to the match

We’re not there yet. We want to believe that the LS will be able to save itself, even clumsily, next Saturday. To be honest, he should have already done it against Basel. And of course against Lucerne. Moreover, he had the opportunity to take charge.

Fatality of destiny: this Lausanne which wants to look ahead, which opens paths, gets lost at the moment of realizing its impulses. Once again, against Lucerne, the Vaudois who should have led the score after 11 minutes. Ilie had managed on his own to find himself eight meters from Loretz’s cage, in other words, he had done the hard part. Once again, with the cage open, the ball flew into the arms of the opposing goalkeeper.

The deficit at the conclusion is always expensive. The fantasy is that all this is paid for in cash? For the LS, this is often true. Three minutes later, with Szalai lost on a Lucerne break, Klidje was able to head off to meet Letica. With much more precision than Ilie, he left the Vaudois goalkeeper no chance.

Mitigating circumstance

Very far from its standards at home, Lausanne was sluggishly trying to show a burst of pride. Nothing convincing. Labeau looked good without succeeding in making himself look good. Sanches, a free electron, wanted to project himself everywhere and was therefore not really present anywhere. The vagueness of intentions.

Of course, with the Bernede and Custodio suspensions, the LS was playing without two key elements. Not an excuse, an extenuating circumstance. Who did not free the Vaudois from the whistles of his own at the break.

After? Ludovic Magnin wanted to react quickly. Before the hour mark, three changes at once with the entries of Sene, Kalu and Pafundi. The change of system with a higher, more aggressive Lausanne allowed the Vaudois to largely dominate Lucerne.

But it was on a rare passage of the Lucernois in the Vaudois camp that Okou would double the bet. The LS is left to tremble, until the end of the season, because it is inconsistent. Like his season.

Lausanne – Lucerne 0-2 (0-1)

La Tuilière, 4500 spectators. Referee: N. Gianforte.

Goals: 14th Klidje 0-1; 81st Okou 0-2.

Lausanne: Letica; Giger, Dussenne, Szalai, Poaty; Kukuruzowic (57th Pafundi); Ilie (57th Kalu), Loucif (82nd Parra), Diabaté (82nd Grippo); Labeau (57th Sene), Sanches.

Lucerne: Loretz; Ottiger, Jaquez, Löfgren, L. Meyer; Jashari; Winkler (66th Haas), Kadak (66th M. Meyer), Dorn; Grbic (27th Villiger), Klidje (46th Okou).

Warnings: 41st Klidje (hard play), 43rd Kukuruzovic (anti-play), 59th Dussenne (hard play).

Expulsion: 86th Dussenne (second yellow card).

Notes: the LS without Bernede and Custodio, suspended.



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