6 signs that your feelings are more than friendly


Published on 05/15/2024 at 3:17 p.m.
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Amélie Boukhobza (Clinical psychologist)

Season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles begins on Netflix, and this time features Colin Bridgerton tormented by his changing feelings for his childhood friend Penelope. If the romantic whirlwind promises to be there again, it poses a very practical question: would you be able to recognize the signs that show that your feelings are evolving?

Will the handsome Colin Bridgerton finally succumb to the charms of Pénélope Featherigton, the discreet one, the one he considers his friend since childhood? This is the whole question raised in the trailer for the third season of The Bridgerton Chronicles, awaited by its fans this May 16, 2024.

A new romantic intrigue all on fire

So here is the return of the wedding season in London’s high society which so enchanted fans in previous seasons. Like the first seasons, the plot targets the love life of one of the members of the Bridgerton family.

The first introduced us to Daphne, the eldest, who to thwart the injunctions to marry, wanted to pretend to be dating a coveted (and freedom-loving) duke. This was of course without counting on the feelings that would get involved.

The second season featured Anthony, the big brother, who set his sights on the perfect candidate for marriage according to his criteria… before realizing his feelings for her sister.

This third season still promises its share of tortured feelings (and scandals in silk dresses): Pénélope Featherington, determined to forget the one she has always loved (Colin Bridgerton) intends to find a husband. But it is precisely by offering her help in her quest that the famous Colin will discover deeper feelings towards his friend. A large-scale “flee me, I follow you” which raises the question of the limit between friendship and romantic feelings.

6 signs that prove it’s no longer just friendship

Will Colin accept this change? You will probably have to watch the series to find out for sure. But in real life, our psychologist Amélie Boukhboza recognizes that this “candy” series is “a perfect setting for exploring the subtle evolutions of feelings.”

If, like Colin, you are wondering about your own feelings for a loved one, and if you want to know if they now go beyond simple friendship, a few signs can put you on the path.

  • The constant search for proximity. You discover that you want to see the person more often, beyond the usual meetings between friends.
  • The appearance of the jealousy. “It’s a classic sign. If one feels uncomfortable or reacts negatively when the other shows interest in someone else, that probably says something else.”
  • Sharing “exclusive” confidences“When you feel the need to share thoughts, feelings or secrets, “this suggests that the relationship is reaching a deeper level of intimacy.”
  • Changes in communication. Naturally to make more calls, messages, letters…”which can be so many signs of a desire to intensify the relationship.
  • Special attention to the tastes, preferences, and needs of the other. Often beyond what one would observe in an ordinary friendship.
  • An increase in affectionate gestures. You increase the opportunities to hold hands, to give a hug. Just being more tactile seems to be seeking more than just a friendly connection.

Of course each sign can obviously vary, and depends on the context and the personality of each person. assures the psychologist. But if this is the case, perhaps you should start a discussion with your friend, to start a beautiful story. The tiara and frilled shirt are not obligatory, however.

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