Prince Laurent cropped by the Royal Palace

This is not the first time that Prince Laurent has made comments in the press that do not please the palace.

In Turkish media, King Philippe’s brother praises President Erdogan. “Erdogan is a strong leader who can support the project. (…) You have such a leader!”, he exclaims. Following this controversial article, Flemish journalist Wim Dehandschutter, working for HLN, contacted the prince, who detailed for 45 minutes his plans for a new life, free of any endowment.

According to our sources, these new shocking declarations did not please the palace. The latter would not have hesitated to let the prince know that his comments were inappropriate, considering his position within the monarchy. The youngest of King Philippe would have had his ears pulled once again. Enough to fuel, perhaps, even more his desire for freedom?

Prince Laurent Royal Family



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