“anger and helplessness” for Raphaël Quenard

A list that “scared” the world of the 7th art. A few days before the Cannes Film Festival, ten personalities from French cinema are included in a list. They are accused of having committed sexual violence. Raphaël Quenard appears in this so-called list. The actor who will be starring in Quentin Dupieux’s next film “The Second Act” reacted to this controversy.

A few days before the Cannes Film Festival, without any proof, ten personalities of French cinema are accused of being attackers through an alleged list. The biggest names are revealed on X like Pierre Niney, Jean Dujardin and Gille Lellouche. Raphaël Quenard is also affected by this affair and his name appears on the list. On social networks, the web is on fire and certain media are reporting false information, mostly coming from conspiracy accounts. A list which was to be published by Mediapart during the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. In reality, everything is false and Mediapart denies the information.

“The rumor dies when it ends up in the ears of someone intelligent”

In the show “Clique” presented by Mouloud Achour on Canal +, Raphaël Quenard gave his opinion on this story: “IThere is a feeling of helplessness and anger which is generated by the fact of being associated with something of which we do not know what it is, which is not supported by any fact, any accusation of any value whatsoever, and besides, I heard a sentence that I allow myself to repeat to you [A Mouloud Achour], ‘the rumor dies when it ends up in the ears of someone intelligent.’ before adding: “Because the fact of the rumor is that I find that it is initiated by people who are inhabited by dark energy, evil people, malicious people. ».

Raphaël Quenard also denounces “the taste for blood that animates people” : “The observation that we are obliged to make is that it proliferates due to a conscious mind which repeats ‘it seems that’. The next step, it becomes an affirmation, and the next step, an accusation. It’s an infernal mechanism that disturbs everything, causes turmoil, when it’s all just wind.[…] And all of this is the fruit of a certain taste for blood that drives people. .

Raphaël Quenard denounces “impunity” in the face of defamation

The actor also denounces “impunity” and the lack of repercussions for the nonsense that some people say: Defamation can be done, and slander, without reaping repercussions and condemnations worthy of the name, because what it costs people in their daily lives and in their lives is infinitely times greater than the paltry condemnation it leads to. »before concluding her speech on the real facts and the fight women have been waging for several years against sexual and gender-based violence.

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