follow the match between Metz Handball and Besançon

follow the match between Metz Handball and Besançon
follow the match between Metz Handball and Besançon

Time out requested by Emmanuel Mayonnade.


Cusset and Besançon reduce the gap: 14-9.

New change of goalkeeper in Besançon, the entry of Fuernkranz did not convince Sébastien Mizoule.


Grijseels delights the Arena with this magnificent one-on-one and gains confidence: 13-6. The German international at the same time obtains a temporary exclusion against Robert.


Metz presses where it hurts and continues to play his game in a wide space: 12-6.


Metz recovers a good ball, Chambertin goes alone on the counter-attack and here is the defending champion with a six-goal lead after 17 minutes of play: 11-5.

10 – 5

Besançon changed goalkeeper, with the entry into play of Fuernkranz.


Besançon, which cannot find a solution six meters away, tries its luck from afar. And this goal from Cusset is magnificent: 9-5.


But Bouktit is in for a big night: the French world champion continues to carry Metz Handball in this first quarter of an hour (9-4).


Majoka’s cry of rage: the Bisontine winger takes advantage of the numerical inferiority of Messines to revive hers (8-4).


First temporary exclusion for Metz, Jorgensen comes out for two minutes.


Already three goals for Messina pivot Sarah Bouktit: 8-3!


New penalty for Besançon, Clarisse Mairot takes it and this time, it goes: 6-3.


First throw from seven meters of the game, Zazai against Sinceet: advantage to the Messina goalkeeper, who signs a magnificent double save!


Big start to the match from Sinceet, but Besançon focuses on the defensive withdrawal and manages to recover balls on long throws from the Metz goalkeeper.


Valentini steals the ball from her ex-teammates and gives the reigning French champions a four-goal lead: 6-2.


Besançon reacts thanks to its winger Wajoka: 5-2.


Another save from Sinceet which allows Metz to quickly launch a counter-attack. Valentini blocked by the good defensive withdrawal of the ESBF, it is Granier who concludes with a nice wrist shot: 5-1. Time out requested by Sébastien Mizoule, the Bisontin coach.


Superb shot from Jorgensen, perfectly served by Burgaard. Lerstad, the Bisontine goalkeeper, can do nothing: 4-1.


Mairot tries her luck from afar but Sinceet is vigilant. Metz creates a first small break thanks to Chambertin: 3-1.


Sinceet’s first parade against her friend Sabrina Zazaï. The ball is returned to the Bisontines.


Clarisse Mairot equalizes immediately but Bouktit quickly continues at the end of the ball: 2-1.


Metz’s first goal at the end of a great collective action, it was signed by Bouktit: 1-0.

Let’s go to the Arena!

The kick-off for this late match, counting for the 22nd day of LFH, has just been given. Valentini, Jorgensen, Chambertin, Bouktit, Burgaard and Granier start on the Metz side. Since then, he has been in goal.

Metz Handball is in full force this evening. Absent on Sunday against Chambray, Alina Grijseels returns to the group.

Emmanuel Mayonnade’s players are playing their penultimate home match of the season this evening. A final match is scheduled at the Arena on Saturday May 25 against Plan-de-Cuques, to potentially celebrate Metz Handball’s 26th national title and celebrate the departing players. Before that, the Messines will be expected at the Adidas Arena on Saturday for the final of the Coupe de France against Dijon then on the Paris 92 pitch next Wednesday.

The look of Camille Sinceet which evokes this beautiful straight line to come

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Besançon is assured of its maintenance before going to the champion of France who, for his part, has no right to make mistakes if he wants to keep his crown. Three days before the end of the championship, Emmanuel Mayonnade’s players must win everything.

Good evening everyone, welcome to our site to follow the meeting between Metz Handball and Besançon live. A late match counting for the 22nd day.



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