Eurovision 2025: These strict conditions that candidate cities must meet

Eurovision 2025: These strict conditions that candidate cities must meet
Eurovision 2025: These strict conditions that candidate cities must meet

Switzerland won Eurovision 2024 and the country will therefore host the contest in 2025. The largest Swiss cities have already expressed interest in organizing the event, but the SSR has set strict conditions that candidate cities must fill.

Biel-based artist Nemo won the final of the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday May 11, 2024.


Some Swiss cities, including Zurich, Basel, Bern, Biel, Geneva and St. Gallen, have expressed interest in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Time is running out, as the event will take place in May 2025. The SSR has therefore established strict criteria that cities must meet to hope to be chosen.

In an interview with the “Tages-Anzeiger”, Edi Estermann, spokesperson for the SSR, detailed the selection criteria for the host city of Eurovision 2025.

The first requirement concerns infrastructure. The host city must have an efficient public transport network and an easily accessible airport to accommodate the thousands of expected visitors and artists. In addition, it must offer sufficient accommodation capacity to accommodate all these guests.

Another crucial point is the room that will host the main event. It will not only have to be spacious but also capable of supporting an impressive payload of 250 tonnes to support the necessary lighting and technical installations.

Towards a call for tenders?

Another important point: the host city will have to put its hand in its pocket. Previous editions cost between 10 and 70 million francs. “The host city will have to bear a large part of the costs. You will have to dig deep into your pockets,” warned Edi Estermann.

To select the ideal host city, the SSR plans to set up a call for tenders. This choice is explained by the significant economic benefits that the event generates for the organizing city. Hotels, restaurants, businesses and local suppliers take full advantage of the influx of visitors and the international visibility offered by the competition.

Beyond the financial aspect, the SSR does not rule out rethinking the format of the competition. The event, created in Switzerland in 1956, could evolve.



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