Girondins4Ever did it as a player and as a coach. I’ve already won, I know how to win”

In a pre-match press conference between the Girondins de Bordeaux and Pau, Albert Riera was questioned about his comments, those where he says he knows how to win Ligue 2. Is there not a gap between his comments and the results of this season?

“I’m talking about next season because it could be ‘Albert’s project’. When I arrive in October, you need 4-6 weeks to get to know the team. We arrive in December, we cannot recruit… We will not know if with the three players we wanted to come we would be in Ligue 2, in National, or in Ligue 1, but we did not need them . We didn’t do anything because we couldn’t.”

What if it was the same thing this summer, that there was no possibility of recruiting according to your needs, or accordingly to move up?

” I hope not. That’s why I made this list, why I want to stay, and why I have the conviction of that, because I am a winner. I did it as a player and as a coach. I’ve won before, I know how to win. I won the championship as a player and coach, so I know that. I’m a football person, I’m not someone who hasn’t won anything. So, we have to respect that. When I say that I know how to win this championship, with the characteristics of this championship, it’s because I know how to do it.”

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