Benin: Patrice Talon makes an unexpected decision that will…

Benin: Patrice Talon makes an unexpected decision that will…
Benin: Patrice Talon makes an unexpected decision that will…

On the morning of Wednesday May 15, 2024, a Chinese delegation was received in audience by the President of Benin. The two parties discussed the blockade imposed a few days earlier by Patrice Talon on the shipment of oil from Niger to Cotonou. Obviously, this meeting with Patrice Talon bore these fruits.

In the process, the Beninese government hosted a press conference in the evening of the same day. The premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs served as the setting for this meeting with the media.

The crisis between Benin and Niger is at the heart of a press briefing in Cotonou. It is jointly hosted by the Minister of Energy and Mines Samou Adambi and a representative of the Chinese side.

The main thing to remember from these exchanges with the press is the decision of the Beninese government to lift the blockade on the shipment of Nigerien oil.

In addition to lifting the blockage, Benin undertakes to respect all its commitments within the framework of the project.

A few days earlier, the Beninese Head of State justified his decision to prohibit the shipment of Nigerien oil from the Sèmè-Podji platform.

Indeed, Patrice Talon first mentioned all the steps he took to normalize relations between the two sister countries, Benin and Niger. The Beninese number 1 indicated that despite the opening of the borders on the Benin side, the sending of messages and above all, the sending of the head of Beninese diplomacy Olushegun Bakari to Niamey, he received no response from the authorities of the Nigerien transition.

Moreover, complaining all the same about the current state of relations between his country and Niger, Patrice Talon, thinks that the “exchanges between countries must be done in a formal and structured manner, according to RFI. He recalls that it was the Chinese who kept him informed of the official arrival of the Nigerien delegation for the inauguration of the pipeline, reports our colleague Jean-Luc Aplogan, RFI correspondent in Cotonou.

On the question of the importation of cereals from Benin to Niger, “we cannot be seen as enemies and want our collaboration and our means”indicated Patrice Talon.

“I am saddened by the tense relations between Niger and Benin, two friendly and brotherly countries,” regretted the Beninese Head of State. “Taking Benin as an enemy country and spreading the fact that it has massed foreign troops on its borders to attack Niger is totally ridiculous”, he concluded on the subject.

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