Vosges. Solar, wind, hydroelectricity… what are the renewable energies that will see the light of day in Saint-Dié?

Vosges. Solar, wind, hydroelectricity… what are the renewable energies that will see the light of day in Saint-Dié?
Vosges. Solar, wind, hydroelectricity… what are the renewable energies that will see the light of day in Saint-Dié?

Solar, wind, hydroelectricity, methanization… a public meeting on renewable energies was organized this Tuesday, January 14 in Saint-Dié. This meeting, which was part of the law of March 10, 2023, aimed to identify, in the municipality, the “renewable energy acceleration zones”, that is to say areas of large sizes, considered preferential and priority for the development of these famous energies; the objective being to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

From the outset, Bruno Toussaint, the mayor, clarified his position regarding wind power. “I am not at all in favor of the Saint-Dié massif being covered with wind turbines; we must keep nature and the landscape as it is. »

The emphasis on solar

For two hours, under the supervision of Olivier Thil, deputy general director in charge of the attractiveness of the territory and Isabelle Didierdefresse, director of sustainable development, the thirty people present at this meeting formulated various proposals.

Among others: the installation of photovoltaic panels at the Marchal wasteland as well as at the swimming pool, the future cinema, public buildings, car parks and roads, such as on the dual carriageway, without forgetting the roofs of the factories .

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Also proposed the installation of a hydraulic system at the stone gate. On this last point, Isabelle Didierdefresse is skeptical. According to a study carried out, “the flow rates are not sufficient in summer”, not to mention “environmental constraints”, continues Olivier Thil.

Concerning methanization, also mentioned, it seems unlikely that this lever will be developed; the deputy general director recalling that there are not only very few farmers in Saint-Dié. Like Bruno Toussaint, he is also not in favor of wind power.

Wind power is not on the rise

Supporting the map, he assures that the territory is not suitable for it. “If we wanted a wind turbine that produced correctly, we would have to install it on the Ormont and Madeleine massifs. And from a landscape integration point of view, this is not ideal and the environmental constraints on forest areas are rather significant. » According to him, photovoltaics today seem “the simplest and easiest to implement”. The identification of public buildings has been made and a project could be carried out at the sports center as well as its parking lot. One area of ​​development among many others, the studies must continue.

A lively consultation

This meeting, the objective of which was to collect the ideas of the Deodatians on a very specific area (what energy in what place) was somewhat lively.

Some notably questioned the interest in putting forward ideas on projects that belong to the private sector, but above all, most of those present insisted on the need to carry out a more global reflection on the subject of energy. For many, identifying areas of acceleration at the scale of a municipality and not a territory makes no sense. To this criticism, the response was that a consultation will soon be carried out within the framework of the climate plan which will be developed at the scale of the Agglomeration. In the meantime, Déodatiens are invited to make their proposals by email: [email protected]



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