Who has Billie Eilish been dating since coming out?

Who has Billie Eilish been dating since coming out?
Who has Billie Eilish been dating since coming out?

While his new albumHit Me Hard in Softthe third of his career, will be revealed May 17the 22-year-old American singer remains in the dark regarding her romantic relationships.

Not long ago, the Internet learned sexuality of the young woman, the one who recently won L’Oscar for best original song For the movie barbievia an interview with the media Variety.

Freshly separated from her ex Jesse Rutherfordone of the singers of the group The Neighborhoodhas she found love since?

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Billie Eilish’s coming out, an announcement that sparks debate

Until last December, Billie Eilish’s sexuality had not been clarified. It is only during an interaction with Varietythat the interpreter of What Was I Made For claimed to be bisexual. “Wasn’t that obvious? I’m for the girls”she replied to the journalist, between two photos on the red carpet.

An announcement which greatly displeased the singer, accusing the magazine of having it “outée”(forcing someone to talk about their sexual orientation, or revealing it without their permission). “Thanks to Variety for “outing” me on a red carpet at 11 a.m. instead of talking about what matters. I like boys and girls, leave me alone! “, she then wrote under her Instagram post, revolted.

After she confessed her attraction for the girlsBillie Eilish had at the same time lost 100,000 followers on Instagram within a few days.

But in the meantime, has she had a crush again?

Billie Eilish: in a relationship or single?

In May 2023, the Californian announced her breakup with Jesse Rutherforda rocker then aged 31, member of the hit music group, The Neighborhood, with whom she stayed less than a year. It was during a Q&A in Instagram story that she made this clear to her fans, by responding “No sir” to someone asking if she was in a relationship.

If since then, the young woman with red and black hair has not revoked the subject, several rumors began circulating online after the publication of certain videos. Excerpts published on TikTok,where we see Billie in particular kiss a girl on stage during the Coachella festival, which was held last April. The artist’s followers have also noticed several women with whom she regularly appears on social networks, wondering the nature of their relationship.

Billie Eilish, however, has not yet given any more information regarding her love life. On the other hand, his next album, revealed soon, could perhaps give us some clues…


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Billie Eilish’s new album is about her sexuality

The album Hit Me Hard and Soft would indeed seem to speak about the sexuality of the star. A passage from one of the songs featured there, Lunchattracted the attention of his admirers’ admirers. “I could eat that girl for lunch”can we hear him sing, either “I could eat this girl for lunch.” in French.

Among the tracks featured in the album, Love of my lifealso alerted fans of his music. Simple words, or an assumed declaration?

You will have understood, if you want to know more about the loves of Billie Eilish, you will probably have to listen to the lyrics of her new songs carefully. SO, See you on May 17!

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