“If I had wanted the real people to be found, I would have made a documentary”: the creator of My Little Reindeer makes things clear! – News Series

“If I had wanted the real people to be found, I would have made a documentary”: the creator of My Little Reindeer makes things clear! – News Series
“If I had wanted the real people to be found, I would have made a documentary”: the creator of My Little Reindeer makes things clear! – News Series

The phenomenon around “My Little Reindeer” lends itself to all excesses despite the entreaties of its creator, Richard Gadd. The other side of the coin. The price of fame.

My Little Reindeer creator Richard Gadd has reiterated his call for internet sleuths to stop searching for the show’s real-life counterparts, saying: “If I wanted the real life people to be found, I would have made a documentary about it.

Richard Gadd, creator and lead actor of the series, spoke to Hollywood Reporter before Piers Morgan interviews the woman described as the inspiration for Martha, a character who stalks Donny, played by Richard Gadd, after he offers her a cup of tea in the pub where he works.

The 58-year-old called Gadd’s account “of work of fiction” And “of hyperbole“. She denied being a harasser, telling the English host that she was considering legal action against Netflix and Gadd.

With the success of the series and its incredible word of mouth, some viewers began trying to find the real people who inspired the events of the series, which is prefaced with the words “This is a true story.” Actor, writer and director Sean Foley, a friend of Richard Gadd, was forced to contact the police after being falsely accused online of being a rapist.

Richard Gadd had already put the kibosh on it

Richard Gadd then asked people to stop making assumptions, stating that “people I love, have worked with and admire…are unfairly the subject of speculation.

I know for every role there have been about five or six people who have been appointed, even down to the pub manager“, he explains to The Hollywood Reporter. “The other day someone sent me a video of someone pretending to be Teri. I had never met her in my life.

He says he does not agree with “the detective game” and specifies that he wanted the series “be received as a work of art, and I want people to appreciate the series as a work of art.

My name is Donny Dunn. It exists in a sort of fictional universe; even though it is based on truth, it exists in a fictional universe. Let’s enjoy the world I created. If I had wanted us to discover the real people, I would have made a documentary. I’ve said publicly that I don’t want people to do it and if I start playing this game of cat and mouse, I almost add to it. I don’t think I’ll ever comment on this again.

Ed Miller/Netflix

A series that makes waves

Some figures in the world of media, justice and industry have criticized the fact that some of the fictionalized elements of My Little Reindeer seem thinly disguised. “In the television sector, particularly on terrestrial channels, jaws dropped. This is certainly a major compliance failure.” writes Marina Hyde in the Guardian.

For his part, showrunner Russell T Davies, behind the Doctor Who revival, said the BBC would have been “much stricter” in terms of compliance with My Little Reindeer than Netflix has been, adding: “Compliance and editorial policy drive us crazy here, but I sleep at night.

Richard Gadd explains having to retreat into a state of mind “very rough and very damaged“during the filming of the series and he had gone from 96 to 68 kilos”because I wanted to feel vulnerable and fragile in my body.

The end of anonymity

Reflecting on how his life has changed since the series became a global hit, Richard Gadd says he went from 3,000 followers on Instagram to more than 400,000. And on a recent flight to Los Angeles, the pilots came out and asked to meet him, which was “quite surreal“.

I still don’t consider myself famous… I went to see The Pogues the other day and went to a pub before, naively thinking I could just go in and sit with a few friends. But it was chaos, chaos“, he added.

People kept coming up and telling stories and talking about the show and how it had affected them. I told myself that I couldn’t really go to pubs anymore and expect to sit quietly in a corner and have a bite to eat.

A new attention that can be a real challenge: “I still feel like I’m the same person in many ways. I’m not much online, I don’t post much, and I don’t read much. I don’t use Google for the show or for myself. I still lead a quiet life“, he said. “But I noticed the crazy side of it, the sudden attention from the audience, the people coming to see me and the sudden feeling that there are more eyes on me all the time.

My Little Reindeer is currently available on Netflix



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