Oil: this BRICS member country discovers an immense reserve

Oil: this BRICS member country discovers an immense reserve
Oil: this BRICS member country discovers an immense reserve

Russia has discovered oil reserves in the Weddell Sea, a territory that the British claim along with Chile and Argentina.

According to information reported by local media, the discovered oil reserves could produce up to 511 billion barrels of oil.

An absolutely staggering figure, which is equivalent to almost 10 times the production from the North Sea over the last 50 years. Obviously, this attracts and arouses covetousness, especially since Russia could claim its share of the “booty”.

Because even though Moscow has absolutely no claim in Antarctica, the region is increasingly targeted by Russia, China and the United States, which have been carrying out scientific missions for several decades.

Since 1957, five bases and stations have been installed there, to accommodate researchers from all over the world.

But Russia is accused of wanting to impose its presence there, for purposes other than military purposes.

Indeed, many geopolitical experts believe that Moscow could benefit from “Antarctic Treaty” which stipulates that this region of the globe does not belong to anyone and remains a land of peace and science, to prospect and search for gas and oil without really being worried.

Problem, all oil development in the region is prohibited. In fact, many voices are calling on the international community to ensure that the activities carried out there by Russia are monitored.

In Great Britain, some like David Rutley (Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom) affirm that this treaty has already been violated by Russia and call on Moscow to be held accountable for its actions there.

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