Algeria in the Top 3 of the MENA region

Algeria’s gold reserves have stagnated for several years, but they still remain well ranked in the world, with a very comfortable 25th place in the world ranking, updated in May 2024. If on the continental level l Algeria largely dominates the ranking on the African continent, it ranks third in the Middle East and North Africa region.

According to this ranking established on the basis of figures published by the World Gold Council (, Algeria holds a gold reserve estimated at 173.56 tonnes. A reserve which places it 25th in a world ranking largely dominated by the United States with its 8133.46 tonnes, Germany with its 3352.31 tonnes and Italy with its 2451.84 tonnes. France and Russia complete the world Top 5 with 2436.91 tonnes and 2332.74 tonnes respectively.

Algeria, the first gold reserve in Africa

But with its 173.56 tonnes of gold reserves, Algeria ranks first at the African level, far ahead of South Africa with its 125.44 tonnes and even further ahead of Nigeria and its 21, 37 tons of gold. But this ranking excludes North African countries in the MENA group, like Morocco and Tunisia, or Libya and Egypt. Moreover, it is useful to point out that the gold reserves of neighboring Morocco and Tunisia are not very plentiful with 22.12 tonnes and 6.84 tonnes respectively.

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As for the Middle East-North Africa region, Algeria ranks 3rd behind Saudi Arabia which holds 323.07 tonnes of gold and Lebanon whose reserves are estimated at 286.83 tonnes of gold. ‘gold. Libya comes just behind Algeria with its 146.65 tonnes of gold, followed closely by Iraq which has a total of 142.58 tonnes of gold.

It is important to note that gold reserves have not changed for the majority of countries in the world, including Algeria which has had 173.56 tonnes for several years. Only a few countries have seen their reserves increase while others have seen them decline. According to the World Gold Council, Turkey’s reserves increased by 30.12 tonnes while China saw its reserves increase by 27.06 tonnes. For its part, it is India which completes the podium of countries having increased their gold reserves the most with 18.51 tonnes. As for the countries whose reserves have decreased, these are Uzbekistan, Thailand and Jordan which saw their reserves drop by 13.69 tonnes, 9.64 tonnes and 4.51 tonnes respectively.



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