launch of the first awareness village on the risk of forest fires

launch of the first awareness village on the risk of forest fires
launch of the first awareness village on the risk of forest fires

From May 22 to 25, 2024, Gard is launching its first village to raise awareness among students and the general public about the risk of forest fires: Operation GAFFOFEU 30.

With the aim of strengthening the culture of risk regarding forest and vegetation fires in the department, State services, public operators, communities and associations are jointly organizing an awareness-raising operation on the risk of forest fires. . The operation is entitled GAFFOFEU 30 and constitutes a first in Gard.

This operation is in collaboration with the French institute of major risks and environmental protection trainers (IFFO-RME). It is based on fun and educational workshops, an exhibition on the Gard forests, debates and discussions around fire risk. It aims to develop a culture of risk, establish good behavior and reduce the vulnerability of populations.

In 70 years, the forest area has doubled in Gard; today it covers 50% of the territory with approximately 289,317 hectares. The proportion of Gard residents living less than 200 meters from a forest has increased from 32% to 44% in 20 years. With climate change and the increase in forested areas, the risk of forest fires has increased while awareness of this risk among the population remains low.

This large-scale preventive information action will take place over 4 days from May 22 to 25, 2024. While in Alès and La Grand’Combe, the workshops are reserved for students and leisure centers, in Nîmes, they will be open to the general public.

In Nîmes, the GAFFOFEU 30 operation will take place on Saturday May 25 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. then between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. It will offer 15 different workshops:
1. Stories of fire – testimony from the former mayor of Portes
2. The forest and me – (IFFO RME)
3. Risks on display – identify major risks (IFFO RME/Prefecture)
4. Alert’Ofeux – role-playing games on crisis management actors (Prefecture)
5. I pack my suitcase: family safety kit (French Red Cross)
6. Lifesaving gestures (CRF and UDSP 30)
7. Cart’O feu – presentation of forest areas (Prefecture- DDTM)
8. Keep an eye on your forest (ONF)
9. Presentation of control equipment (SDIS 30)
10. Presentation of emergency numbers, how to send an alert message in the event of fire (SDIS30)
11. Workshop investigating the causes of fire (Gendarmerie du Gard)
12. O hazards game (MAIF prevention association)
13. Workshop in the form of a game (Alès agglomeration)
14. Presentation Vigi’météo (Météo France)
15. Fires and biodiversity (Le Merlet association)

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