Mutual aid placed in the spotlight on National Day of…

Mutual aid placed in the spotlight on National Day of…
Mutual aid placed in the spotlight on National Day of…

The number of self-help groups and organizations in Switzerland is constantly growing. On the National Day of Self-Managed Mutual Aid on May 21, 2024, Info-Entraide Suisse and the Info-Entraide centers and branches will focus on self-managed mutual aid and its importance for the people concerned, their loved ones as well as for the Swiss health and social system.

On May 21, 2024, the National Day of Self-Managed Mutual Aid will be celebrated, organized by Info-Entraide Suisse and the 22 Info-Entraide centers and branches. The aim is to raise public awareness of the method of self-managed mutual aid and to inform them about the diversity of mutual aid offers and their positive effect for the people concerned and their loved ones as well as their importance for the health system. health and social. To this end, various events and activities of centers and branches are planned throughout Switzerland.

Info-Entraide centers and branches promote and connect mutual aid groups in their region. They are points of information and advice on mutual aid for the people concerned and their loved ones and work in close collaboration with the Fondation Info-Entraide Suisse, which acts at the national level in the service of self-managed mutual aid and as as a point of coordination and service provision for the centers and branches.

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Where there is light…

In addition, Info-Entraide Suisse had an exciting and intense year, as the Swiss mutual aid movement saw many positive developments and projects in 2023: the model “Health competence through mutual aid-friendly hospitals” in collaboration with Promotion Santé Suisse was continued and developed successfully, the mutual aid offers and themes benefited from continued interest and the “Digital Transformation” project was launched by Info-Entraide Suisse and the centers and Info-Entre-aide branches. Furthermore, the growing importance of the provision of mutual assistance within the framework of the promotion of self-management of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH was a pleasing development.

…there is also shadow.

The liquidation of the motion “Strengthening health skills through the promotion of mutual aid” by national councilor Sarah Wyss, PS Basel, in February 2024, on the other hand, brings a rather bitter note. Once again, concerns related to mutual aid have not found an echo in the political world. The motion notably called for urgent funding and anchoring in Swiss legislation, as has already been the case for a long time in Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, Info-Entraide Suisse will also continue to look for new political interventions in 2024 to better anchor mutual aid and its offers in Switzerland politically and legally.

Facts and figures at a glance

  • Growing demand for self-help groups: Info-Entraide Suisse, the umbrella organization for mutual aid, currently has more than 2,800 mutual aid offers and around 200 mutual aid organizations in its national database. These cover more than 300 health and social themes. And this number continues to increase. Two thirds of them concern health problems.
  • Health : In Switzerland, the health sector has clearly moved towards medical care that integrates patients and their social environment as competent partners acting as equals. Self-directed support can make a decisive contribution to these processes. As part of the “Hospitals favorable to mutual aid” model, the Info-Entraide centers and branches have set up, with the support of Promotion Santé Suisse, cooperation between professionals and mutual aid groups in 44 hospital organizational units. 18 of them have already received a “Hospital favorable to mutual aid” distinction. More information on the project:
  • Digital support groups: According to the current status (situation as of February 2024), there are 61 self-managed video support groups in German and 27 in French or another language in Switzerland, i.e. 88 video groups in total. They are only the beginning of a possible digital transformation of mutual aid in Switzerland.

Contact for more information: Lukas Zemp, director of Info-Entraide Suisse, Tel. 061 333 86 01 or [email protected]

Info-Entraide Suisse Schweiz

Since 2000, the Info-Entraide Suisse Foundation has been acting at the national level in the service of self-managed mutual aid, regardless of the theme, the degree of health impairment or the form that self-managed mutual aid can take. Since 2001, the foundation has had a service mandate from the Federal Social Insurance Office (FOSA), which it fulfills in collaboration with 22 Info-Entraide centers and branches and various mutual aid organizations for more than 2,800 offers of assistance. self-help and around 200 other self-help organizations. These cover more than 300 themes in the health and social fields. Self-managed self-help makes an important contribution to the quality of the health system as well as to the people concerned and their loved ones.

Lukas Zemp | Geschäftsführer/Director

Selbsthilfe Schweiz – Info-Entraide Suisse – Auto-Aiuto Svizzera| Laufenstrasse 12 | 4053 Basel | Tel 061 333 86 01

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