Kashmiri youth makes it to NASA’s Hall of Fame – Roshan Kashmir

Kashmiri youth makes it to NASA’s Hall of Fame – Roshan Kashmir
Kashmiri youth makes it to NASA’s Hall of Fame – Roshan Kashmir

Muneeb Amin Bhat, a 22-year-old cybersecurity researcher and bug hunter from Zungalpora village in Kulgam, South Kashmir, has been making waves in the tech world.

After being inducted into Apple’s “Hall of Fame” for identifying system flaws that could lead to a data leak, he has now achieved another milestone by joining NASA’s prestigious “Hall of Fame.”

Using NASA’s Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), Muneeb diligently reported security vulnerabilities he discovered in the agency’s systems, contributing to bolstering their cybersecurity measures.

His efforts were crucial in enhancing system security through ethical hacking, aligning with NASA’s commitment to space exploration and aeronautics research.

Bound by the VDP requirements, Muneeb responsibly refrained from disclosing the nature of the vulnerabilities publicly.

However, he emphasized that they constituted sensitive data exposure, indicating a potential data breach and the accessibility of confidential information to the public.

Muneeb’s achievements highlight the importance of ethical hacking in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks.

His success with Apple and NASA reflects years of dedication and expertise in the field. Furthermore, his contributions extend beyond these renowned organizations, with acknowledgments from other major companies like Oracle, McDonald’s, Intel, USAA, and Indeed.

Despite leaving his B.Tech program at SSM College, Muneeb’s passion for technology remains unwavering.

His journey into hacking began at a young age, driven by an innate curiosity and a desire to understand and improve system security.

In today’s digital era, Muneeb emphasizes that no organization, regardless of size, is immune to cyber threats.

His story serves as an inspiration for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, highlighting the significance of continuous learning and ethical practices in safeguarding digital infrastructure.



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