the suspect, “who confessed to having stabbed someone”, turned himself in to the police

A couple found dead at their home in Molenbeek: Paul, well known in the town, is one of the victims, “It’s a shock for the neighborhood,” says a neighbor

Two people, including Paul Buyse, a personality from the town of Molenbeek, were found dead at the artist’s home. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirms that an investigation has been opened. One person was arrested.


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Published on 05/15/2024 at 05:55

On the side of avenue Henri Hollevoet in Molenbeek, located in the Belgica district of Molenbeek, there is incomprehension. This Tuesday afternoon, the police were present in force to cordon off the neighborhood from 3 p.m.

The information was quickly confirmed by the Brussels prosecutor’s office this Tuesday afternoon. “We can confirm that police attended the scene at Avenue Henri Hollevoet. Two people were found dead in a home. “A person has been deprived of his liberty.”


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According to our information collected on site, among the two victims, we would find an artist well known to Molenbeek residents, Paul Buyse. The latter was part of the organization of the artist’s journey in the municipality of Molenbeek and Koekelberg. The man was very appreciated by the artistic community within the town. His body as well as that of his partner were found in their home. Suspicion would focus on a person who had access to the house, because the couple was hosting a person in their home. According to the neighborhood, suspicion falls on this man.

Several witnesses were able to see the interior of the house this Tuesday afternoon. The woman’s body was inside the house, just behind the front door, which was later covered with a white sheet. Another witness saw a young individual taken away by the police. His description would match that of the man who was staying with the couple. If for some, suspicion falls on this man, other neighbors say they saw him go out with the police but without handcuffs, and would therefore be a witness instead of being a suspect.

On the side of their neighbors, it is difficult to contain the tears. “Our street is usually quiet, we don’t understand,” says a resident. The street is very residential, the murder has no connection with the drug scene and the shootings that have occurred recently.


A shock for the neighborhood

“I knew Paul Buyse,” says Luc Van Butsele, a resident of the neighborhood. “Every year he organized the artists’ tour with Madame Hamida. He helped people around him. As we heard, he accommodated a foreign person.” In fact, the neighbor was one of the first to come on site around 3 p.m. “I was in my dining room when I heard a noise. I heard the police coming from several cars away. I saw ambulances. I thought there was a car accident with a tram or bus, but that wasn’t the case. I went down to have a look. I saw a body lying at the entrance. The police then asked me to evacuate the area. It’s a shock for the neighborhood and for the people who take care of cultural activities.”

The Brussels public prosecutor’s office was informed and requested an investigating judge.



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