We rode with the new Mustache adventure and road electric bikes: so many happy discoveries

In the middle of spring 2024, Mustache is profoundly renewing its catalog. These are not urban electric bikes or mountain bikes, but an electrified road bike and gravel bike. Here are the Mustache Dimanche 29 Gravel and Mustache Dimanche 28 Road, which we present in detail in a first and second article.

The aim of this introduction is to tell you about the sensations felt behind the handlebars of this pair. At the house of Frandroid, our tests mainly focus on e-bikes designed for the city and electric VTCs. But it is nonetheless interesting to try gravel and road biking from time to time, both to get your hands on it and to discover new practices.

Riding the Mustache Sunday 29 Gravel

Gravel is a discipline that has clearly been on the rise in recent years. A gravel bike offers a nice dose of versatility, by adopting a frame geometry inspired by road cycles, all enhanced with thick, notched tires which allow it to venture on various types of terrain (dirt, rocks, forest).

The route designed by Mustache allowed us to cover various surfaces, both on positive and negative elevations. Our model was the highest-end in the catalog, the Dimanche 29 Gravel 6 (5,699 euros), equipped with the SRAM X1 AXS 12-speed electronic and wireless transmission.

This type of transmission is renowned for their precision and speed of execution. On gravel trails, I personally appreciated this component which allows you to quickly switch from one gear to another to quickly and efficiently match the amplitude you want. This system proved to be generally infallible, and responded to me exactly.

A gravel route is far from linear, quite the contrary. Having a reliable and responsive transmission is a major asset in adapting to each new difficulty. In addition, the 11-50 cassette allows you to benefit from a low gear ratio on steeper hills: making the task easier for the user, who only has to maintain an RPM of around 75/85 revolutions per minute to operate the Bosch SX as optimally as possible.

Source: Clément Bonneau – Frandroid

The most impressive element of this handling is the Bosch Performance Line SX motor, whose weight/performance ratio is simply exceptional. Weighing only 2 kg, this motor develops a maximum power of 600 W and a torque of 55 Nm. In Sport mode, it is a powerful ally for positive elevations.

Of course, the thrill can climb slightly – and again, this depends on your physical condition -, but the electric assistance accompanies you in a natural and dynamic way. The presence of a torque sensor enhances this beautiful little ride. In short, the bike responds perfectly to you, with strong boosts if necessary.

A much appreciated grip

For beginners – a category in which I classify myself – the Mustache Dimanche 29 Gravel is an electric gravel bike that is relatively easy to use. I didn’t feel overly overwhelmed by the sporty driving position. It’s a model on which I felt comfortable, from start to finish.

Mustache had fun making us take a few small, more technical portions, not to put us in difficulty, but rather to show us what their Mustache Dimanche 29 is capable of. It was sometimes necessary to demonstrate skill, but the driving remained generally manageable. Only practice will help you progress.

Source: Jérémie Reuiller – Mustache

Maxxis Rambler tires (700 x 50 C) are specific tires for gravel riding. I was particularly impressed by the grip, even at a speed of 40 km/h on stony terrain. It allows you to combine speed, pleasure and a feeling of security even for beginners.

Over the 24 km covered with 436 meters of elevation gain, my average speed reached 19 km/h for a cadence of 78 revolutions per minute. I mainly used Sport mode (20 km) and a little Tour+ mode (5 km): ultimately, I had 53% autonomy left. With Sport mode, count on around fifty km of autonomy in total.

In the end, you are free to use the assistance mode you want depending on the level of effort you want to provide. Looking for a short 50 km outing without pumping up the cardio? Sport mode is your perfect ally. Want a sportier and longer session? Eco mode is there to help you, but it will assist you less. It’s a bit à la carte.

Riding the Mustache Dimanche 28 Road

The Mustache Dimanche 28 Road is a road bike designed more for asphalt than gravel trails. This is demonstrated by its Schwalbe Pro One SuperRace tires with a section of 34 mm, which we inherited on the 28 Road 4 (4,599 euros) during our handling.

I particularly enjoyed my few hours on the handlebars of this model, with which we covered around forty kilometers (657 meters of elevation gain). I appreciated it for its liveliness, its performance, its dynamism, without having the impression of dragging a 40 kg bus.

Mustache Sunday 28 Road
Source: Manon Griboval – Mustache

The rims manufactured by Mustache were also developed “to match the chosen tire profile», Specifies Clément Bonneau, head of press relations for the brand. “And this in order to have better performance, more precision, very good aerodynamics and a contained weight“.

A Bosch SX always at the top

Just like gravel, this Mustache 28 Road can vary the pleasures depending on the mode used. And once again, the Performance Line SX does an excellent job in terms of power, electrical behavior and boosts. Needless to say, it’s as competent an engine as possible, which perfectly exploits its potential on this type of bike.

Three small black points nevertheless emerge from the experience: the small shocks suffered on the bike – depending on the condition of the road – are clearly felt. It’s difficult to blame him here: we don’t necessarily ask a road bike to be comfortable. But it is nevertheless notable.

Mustache Sunday 28 Road
Source: Manon Griboval – Mustache

Also, slight pain gradually appeared in my hypothenar on each hand. The reason: the casserole cover, which I did not find perfectly integrated into the hanger. Finally, I would have appreciated taking my gear even further on certain descents where we reached 50 km/h. Perhaps the smallest sprocket of the 11-44 cassette would have deserved not 11, but 10 teeth, to offer greater development in this type of situation.

More generally, we came away satisfied with this double experience, at the end of which we simply enjoyed piloting the Mustache Road and Gravel as a neophyte. Obviously, more complete and technical tests must be carried out to form a more definitive opinion on these models.



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