What are the garbage collectors demanding before the Olympic Games?

What are the garbage collectors demanding before the Olympic Games?
What are the garbage collectors demanding before the Olympic Games?

PWill trash and rubbish accumulate on the sidewalks of the capital? This is the question that all Parisians are asking themselves on Wednesday, May 15. The day before, garbage collectors undertook a mobilization with a view to obtaining salary increases and bonuses, at the initiative of a strike notice for Parisian garbage collectors which threatens the entire period of the Olympic Games.

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Problem: between the figures put forward by the Paris town hall and those given by the unions, it is difficult to measure the real scale of the movement, as the differences are so significant… According to the town hall, 16% of the workforce, or one in six Parisian garbage collectors, was on strike Tuesday. “Collection services were little disrupted today,” the town hall told Agence France-Presse (AFP) without giving the volume of waste not collected.
READ ALSO Railway workers, air traffic controllers, RATP… The big heist before the OlympicsAccording to the CGT FTDNEEA (waste treatment, water cleaning, sewerage, sanitation sector), garbage collectors and other personnel from the water cleanliness department (DPE) “are very strongly mobilized”, with “70% 90% of strikers depending on the districts.” The CGT claims that 400 strikers have been “occupying” the central human resources department (HRD) building at City Hall since Tuesday morning. There were around a hundred of them, according to the town hall, affirming that they left at midday.

Notice that runs over several periods until the Olympics

A delegation was received twice by the HR department and the executive of Mayor Anne Hidalgo, it is specified on both sides. The notice period runs for six days in May – the 14th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th – and then from the 1ster July to September 8, therefore encompassing the entire period of the JOP – Olympic Games (July 26-August 11) and Paralympic Games (August 28-September 8). The CGT is demanding a salary increase of 400 euros per month for all staff and an exceptional bonus of 1,900 euros for agents who will work during the Olympics.

The town hall recalls having, after “several working meetings with trade union organizations”, determined “five levels of bonuses, ranging from 600 euros to 1,900 euros”, which “will reward effective and exceptional investment for the JOP”. This bonus “will be awarded to agents experiencing an intensification of their workload during the preparation, organization and/or participation in the progress of the JOPs”, i.e. “nearly 20,000 agents” out of 52,000, underlines the town hall.

READ ALSO Bonuses, privileges, working time: the dream life of air traffic controllersThe Town Hall also recalls having increased the ceiling of universal service employment checks (Cesu) by 100 euros to provide childcare during the Olympic event and having created “a specific category for single-parent families, with amounts of 700 and 900 euros.

An “irresponsible” strike

On BFM Paris, the mayor LR of 17e arrondissement Geoffroy Boulard, who regularly speaks on the subject of cleanliness in the capital, denounced an “irresponsible” strike. “Taking hostage not only Parisians, but also tourists and visitors is also an attack on the image of France in the world,” said the elected opposition official.

In March 2023, the Parisian garbage collectors’ strike against pension reform lasted more than three weeks, leading to a pile-up of waste in the streets of the capital, peaking at more than 10,000 tonnes.

Images of piles of trash, sometimes reaching several meters in height, went around the world.



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