Girondins4Ever team, its staff, I’m not talking about the suppliers, but they come to the 100th anniversary of Parc Lescure”

On RMC, the journalist and consultant Daniel Riolo, reacted to the fact that Gérard Lopez was present Tuesday evening at the Stade Chaban Delmas for the match between the former Girondins and the Variétés Club de France. The opportunity for him to add a layer on the club’s difficult finances, and the presence of Gérard Lopez.

“He’s at the match… It’s funny. Gérard Lopez is present. He no longer comes to see his team’s matches, he is no longer interested in his staff. There are people who want to buy the club, but they close the door on him because he wants to stay at the head of the club. So he no longer comes to see his team, his staff, I’m not talking about the suppliers, but he comes to the 100th anniversary of Parc Lescure because it’s a gala match, the stadium is full, there are plenty of stars, to squeeze ladles… It’s incredible. When I learned that important people at the club were bringing toilet paper from home because there was no more… There are former great players who still work at the club. Stopyra and Battiston brought their toilet paper, and they even mowed the lawn. This is where this club is (laughs). It makes me laugh, but I think it’s dramatic. And the ‘other’ comes to strut there… It’s true that there are stars, Gourcuff is still sharp, there’s Zidane… There was a midfielder with Gourcuff-Giresse-Zidane, this is not nothing.”

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