what does Europe mean to you?

what does Europe mean to you?
what does Europe mean to you?

Since May 9, Europe Day, The world runs a daily live broadcast devoted to the electoral campaign. From Monday to Friday, follow with us the travels and speeches of the main leaders of the list, the debates between candidates in France and in the twenty-seven member states.

This Wednesday, we also ask you the question directly: what does Europe mean to you? Share with us your testimonies, feelings and experiences of this European Union (EU), which sometimes seems distant, disembodied and cold but which is paradoxically so present, often in an invisible way.

For the occasion, several of our regional correspondents in France will share with you concrete examples of EU funding and support in various projects and sectors which have a direct impact on our daily lives: agriculture, research, associations, catering, fishing, health… Some of our European correspondents will also give us a look at Europe from their country.

Sylvain Kahn, historian and geographer specializing in European integration, teacher at Sciences Po and member of the Sciences Po Political Research Center, will answer your questions from 11:15 a.m. on how the link between the French and Europe has evolved over the major moments in the construction of the EU. To your questions!

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