ChatGPT could soon see everything on your screen!

This capability, dubbed “Screen Capture,” would give ChatGPT a visual preview of the content present on the user’s screen. And this, that he whether web pages, documents, images or applications. This major asset could greatly improve interactions and the relevance of the responses provided by the conversational assistant!

A better understanding of the context

Currently, ChatGPT works only from text entered by the user in the chat window. Although efficient, this system sometimes lacks context to respond precisely to certain complex queries. With access to the visual content of the screen, ChatGPT could better understand the overall context of a request. The AI ​​would therefore be able to analyze the displayed elements,identify the topics covered and to obtain additional information to formulate a more relevant answer.

Various use cases

This new ability “Screen Capture” would open the way to many use cases for ChatGPT. It doesn’t matter if it’s for get help with a specific tasksummarize a displayed document, explain the content of an image or even give instructions on an applicationvisual access would allow AI to be more efficient and contextual.

In addition, be aware that OpenAI would also considerintegrate this functionality with other products like its semantic search engine or its AI-assisted coding tool, Codex. A way to strengthen the capabilities of these tools by offering them better visual understanding.

But what about technical challenges and privacy concerns?

All that being said, the deployment of “Screen Capture” will not be without obstacles for OpenAI. From a technical point of view, the company will have to ensure that this functionality runs smoothly and securely across all devices and operating systems.

Data confidentiality also represents a major issue. OpenAI will have to convince users that the captured content will remain private and will not be stored or exploited for other purposes.According to The Information, OpenAI is considering making this feature optional and allowing users to choose which applications or windows can be shared with ChatGPT.

If it comes to fruition, the arrival of “Screen Capture” will mark a new stage in the evolution of ChatGPT and conversational assistants in general. A further demonstration of the potential of artificial intelligence to offer ever more natural, intuitive and contextual experiences to users.



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