Tancoo calls for urgent works at Godineau River mouth

Tancoo calls for urgent works at Godineau River mouth
Tancoo calls for urgent works at Godineau River mouth

Oropouche West MPDave Tancoo has called on Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan to ensure that the entrance to the Gulf of Paria is urgently cleared.

This, as boulders have dislodged from the base of the new bridge at the Godineau River and have traveled more than 100 feet from where they were originally placed.

In a statement, Tancoo said if unaddressed, the boulders could cause issues all the way back to Penal and surrounding communities, which are frequently faced with flooding issues during the rainy season.

The MP said the boulders need to be cleared and replaced at the footing of the bridge to preserve the integrity of the infrastructure in the long-term.

According to Tancoo, the distance the boulders have moved suggests that there’s a lack of maintenance of the waterway.

He said it’s something he’s called on the Minister to address on several occasions.

Tancoo said the boulders are currently causing problems for those engaged in fishing activity.

“At low tide, no fishing boats can even think about crossing the channel. Even at high tide, fisherfolk are taking a serious risk navigating that section of the waterway, because of the size of boulders in the river itself, that have been causing damage to fishing boats and their engines, breaking rudders and propellers, which fisherfolk are not being compensated for.”

The Oropouche West MP accused government of neglecting calls from residents, community activists and the elected representatives to attend watercourses in the Oropouche river basin.

He repeated his call for the clearing of the waterway to be prioritized ahead of the start of the rainy season.

I hold both Minister Rohan Sinanan and Minister Richie Sookhai personally responsible for the massive flood threat and the damage to homes and livestock that will confront citizens as a result of the heartless refusal to treat with the obvious problems.

The solutions are known. They are not new. What is needed is an end to this geographic discrimination by these Ministers,” Tancoo said.



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