PHOTOS Patrick Bruel moved alongside his youngest son as tall as him: a new milestone reached

The big steps are coming one after the other for the parents, Amanda Sthers and Patrick Bruel. Although they only remained married for three years, the two exes will remain united forever by their children: Oscar, born August 19, 2003, and Léon, born September 28, 2005. Patrick Bruel unfortunately does not have the chance to having her sons (who have just celebrated their 18th and 20th birthdays) by her side every day, Amanda Sthers having made the decision to settle in California with their two boys.

Amanda Sthers made this decision in consultation with Patrick Bruel, who completely agreed with this move despite the sacrifices it required of him as a dad. However, the links have never been broken, the 64-year-old singer regularly traveling back and forth between France and the United States: “If I need to see my children, even for three or four days, I don’t mind making the trip” he said in an interview with Paris Match. A trip he made again a few days ago.

His recently graduated son Oscar

Patrick Bruel flew to the United States again some time ago. But it is very far from California that he has set down his bags this time. And for good reason : his son Oscar, a student at the private Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduated. Unlike France, graduations are a tradition across the Atlantic.

It was therefore in a long black dress topped with the traditional hat that the young Oscar was presented his diploma after four years of study : “My Oscar, I haven’t seen these four years go by and yet what a journey, what a lot of work! So proud of you… This day is going to be wonderful” he said on Instagram, in the caption of a photo where he shakes his son’s hand tightly.

In Instagram story (see our slideshow), Patrick Bruel, who attended this unmissable event in the life of his big boy, did not mask his pride at seeing his son take a new step and move forward. “So proud of you“(‘so proud of you’ in French, editor’s note) he wrote on a photo of the father and son, reunited in the university parking lot. History does not say whether Patrick Bruel whispered these few words to him. words before leaving: “I know I said it too much. But I’ll tell you anyway. I love you.”



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