CÔTE-D’OR: The employment situation at the start of 2024

CÔTE-D’OR: The employment situation at the start of 2024
CÔTE-D’OR: The employment situation at the start of 2024

The Dijon metropolis remains very dynamic and the Beaune region has even gone beyond full employment, as indicated this Tuesday, May 14, the territorial director of France Travail in Côte-d’Or. A first assessment of the RSA reform experiment announces an “extremely positive result”.

On the occasion of the annual inventory of the employment situation in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, presented this Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in Dijon, a focus was placed on the Côte-d’Or.

The department is experiencing a favorable situation with an unemployment rate of 5.9%, lower than the national average of 7.5%, with even a situation going “below full employment” in the Beaune district with 4, 2%.

The situation in the districts of Beaune, Dijon and Montbard

Despite a challenge in terms of mobility, Beaune is experiencing “good economic health”, underlines Michel Swieton, regional director of France Travail in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. There are even “more employees in Beaune than inhabitants”.

“Dijon remains very dynamic, all sectors are buoyant,” explains Djellali Chaou, territorial director of France Travail in Côte-d’Or, “the hiring prospects remain very high.”

The Montbard district is not to be outdone with an unemployment rate of 5.6%, lower than the departmental average despite recent business closures. “In the north Côte-d’Or, we work with the Union of Metallurgical Industries and Trades to carry out promotion and orientation actions in the industrial sector,” points out Djellali Chaou. “Industry remains a growing sector.”

Labor needs

The survey on company recruitment projects allows us to envisage “very favorable prospects” in Côte-d’Or even if they decrease to return to the 2019 level.

The 23,820 recruitment projects mainly concern the district of Dijon (64% of the department’s projects) followed by the districts of Beaune (29%) and Montbard (7%). The growing sectors are agriculture, particularly viticulture, hotels and restaurants, tourism, agri-food, health and personal assistance.

Note that, each year, an annual forum is organized with the Beaune Hotel Club to highlight offers from the hotel and catering sector.

Although many job offers are concentrated in the field of viticulture, nine out of ten are seasonal jobs.

The “extremely positive result” of the RSA reform

Concerning the experimentation of the reform of active solidarity income (RSA) conditioning the allocation to around fifteen “hours of activities”, Djellali Chaou reports that, since January 2023, it has concerned 1,900 beneficiaries from the Genlis and of Beaune.

The first work consisted of registering a large part of this population with the employment service and then carrying out a co-diagnosis with the Department’s social workers.

To date, the regional management of France Travail reports a return to employment rate of more than 40% six months after the start of the support. A rate which ranks the Côte-d’Or in the top five departments where the experiment is carried out.

“This strong approach is bearing fruit,” says Michel Swieton, “it’s an extremely positive result.” “There is employment in our region, the idea is to benefit as many people as possible.”

“People in difficulty must have a maximum chance of finding a job,” says Djellali Chaou, “the more intensively we support a job seeker, the more the rate of return to employment increases.”

Jean-Christophe Tardivon



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