Analysis of the starters and playing advice for the Prix du Perreux

The favorite: Jango Vici

During his last appearance, Jango Vici (6) had a good performance in a semi-classic, the Prix Albert Demarcq. Only horse to follow the leader I like football, Antonio Ripoll’s protégé Rigo defended well until the end to maintain fifth place. On Wednesday, this son of Dragon des Racques moves down in category and will appear completely unshod for the occasion. Here he discovered great conditions to return to victory.

The challengers: Ister Man and the “Bondo”

The spearhead of the stable Jonathan Cuoq, Ister Man (5), will lead the opposition. This Doberman gelding has regained its full potential, as evidenced by its easy success in a recent Quinté+ on the shorter side. Barefoot again, he can offer a nice response to Jango Vicijust like the residents ofErik Bondo.

Fifth in the 2023 Danish Derby, Hnokki Speed ​​(3) quickly showed himself to be at fault for his debut on our soil, in Enghien, even though he was acclaimed. Led by Franck Nivard, it must be taken over. A formidable finisher, like his success on April 13 here, Charmy Charly As (11) has a say in the top spots. Not seen since his second place in the Prix de Mirande (Gr. 3), last January, Coquaholy (12) will nevertheless be barefooted for the first time in France. Entrusted to Gabriele Gelormini, he can strike hard from the start.

Careful ticket

Simple winner: 6 – Jango Vici (see above)

Offensive ticket

Mini Multi in 4: 5 – 6 – 12 – X Associates 3 – 7 – 9 – 11 (12€)

My basics

5 – Ister Man : He has just won easily on the shorter course and will not be disturbed by the classic course of Vincennes. If he proves his worth, he has his place at the finish.

6 – Jango Vici : (see above)

12 – Coquaholy : He achieved very high values ​​this winter, notably finishing fourth in the Prix Octave Douesnel, won by Jushua Tree. Fully released for the premiere in France, it must be closely monitored upon its return.

My associates

3 – Hnokki Speed : He has very good lines in Denmark and he was popular for his debut in France, where he quickly made a mistake. Barefoot and driven by Franck Nivard, he deserves to be redeemed.

7 – Ipalio : He didn’t run so badly for his comeback. Completely unshod this time, he can take up a place.

9 – Infant Perrine : He has just placed honorable third over a shorter distance. He needs a run at the economy to reach his full potential, but if that’s the case, he has a chance for the places.

11 – Charmy Charly As : He is serious and has just returned to success. It is absolutely necessary to preserve it so that it can place its sharp point of speed. With a clear race, he has the means to finish at the finish.



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