Paris won for the start of its European tour

Taylor Swift, during her concert at Paris La Défense Arena, May 9, 2024 ©BelgaImage

Streams, physical sales of CDs or vinyls, concert tickets, merchandising items, cinema tickets… Taylor Swift breaks record after record. But this Thursday, May 9, the date of the kickoff of the European part of her Eras Tour at Paris La Défense Arena, the largest “indoor” venue in the Old Continent (45,000 seats), the Pennsylvanian left the statistics behind the scenes for us. remember the essentials. At thirty-four, she is the greatest performer of her time. Point. On a musical, scenic and physical level, his show, with a redesigned design compared to his 2023 North American tour, proved breathtaking.

An accomplished artist who has evolved over the years and her discography, Taylor Swift offers with this Eras Tour an experience where magic happens at every moment. The concept? She reviews her eighteen years of career by exhuming songs (and not just the best known) taken from almost each of her albums. For each disk, the tables are different. Paris also had the live premiere of six songs taken from his new double album “The Tortured Poets Department” released on April 19. The singer borrows both the codes of big-budget pop tours (LED screens, choreography, special effects, main stage, central stage, thirty-meter catwalk that cuts the room in two) while musically favoring a live approach. The latest tours of Rosalia, Damso or even Madonna are no longer cluttered with musicians. It’s all on tape. Taylor plays the guitar, accompanies herself on the piano and highlights her group, even if it is often relegated to the ends of the stage. Like Bruce Springsteen, his shows generously exceed 3 hours (3:15 this Thursday 9). Like The Cure, she does not hesitate to dwell at length on an album from the beginning of her career (“Red” released in 2012 when she interested no one in Europe). Like Pearl Jam, its setlist is never the same and features “surprise songs” every evening.

An approach that is both perfectionist and empirical validated by the “swifties” (the nickname given to his fans) but which still shakes up those who are still discovering this phenomenon that they did not see coming. In its chronicle of this first Parisian concert, Le Figaro, while praising a performance “without downtime”, made fun of this “Taylor I know how to do everything”, of her “first in class” side and of this success “finally paradoxical where a third of the room spoke English.” For his part, the special correspondent of Point has the honesty to admit “not knowing anything about Taylor Swift.” After this opening night, he concluded: “Is she the queen of the world? Definitely on stage. Can she get Biden elected? Impossible to answer but the artist managed in any case, in three hours, to make us want to explore her imposing discography. It’s a good start!” Yes, it’s a good start. Because, ultimately, all the explanations for the phenomenon are in his songs.



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