Formula 1 | ‘Surprised to see so much praise’: Newey thought ‘going under the radar’

Adrian Newey was unsure how to handle the reaction to his shock departure from Red Bull, with the legendary Formula 1 designer saying he had always been “very happy to go under the radar”.

It has been confirmed in the run-up to the Miami Grand Prix that Newey’s involvement with the Red Bull team has come to an end, on the F1 side anyway, as he prepares to say goodbye after the first quarter 2025.

With 25 titles won in cars designed under Newey’s leadership, the 65-year-old has cemented his legacy as one of the best ever in the sport, a fact widely acknowledged by the drivers and teams who spoke at Miami.

Asked about this unanimous recognition of his great achievements in F1, Newey replied: “Surprised, to be honest.”

“I mean, I did the work that I always wanted to do since I was a kid. It’s my passion.”

“And I like working with the drivers, the team engineers, all the other mechanics in the factory, etc. That’s what motivates me.”

“The other side, the fame side, is something that I guess is part of the package, but it’s not something that I think about. So it was a bit of a shock and almost a surprise to see so much praise. It touched me.”

When asked if fame was an unwanted distraction, Newey said it was more about seeing how to continue to fly under the radar.

“No, it’s not an unwelcome distraction, just something that…I don’t know how to say it.”

“It’s probably a surprise more than anything because I never think about it, so statistics and all that are not something that motivates me, it’s what I do and I continue to work normally, in my corner, and I’m very happy with it.”



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