I discovered I had a food allergy while watching a video on TikTok

I discovered I had a food allergy while watching a video on TikTok
I discovered I had a food allergy while watching a video on TikTok

According to the French Union of Allergologists (SYFAL) and the French Federation of Allergology (FFAL), one in ten people are affected by food allergies. These have increased significantly in recent years, in particular because of environmental changes, eating habits and new lifestyles.

A food allergy leads, at best, to simple restrictions. But in the worst cases, it can have tragic consequences due to the risk of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction). All without mentioning of course social constraints, since food allergies complicate outings, due to the risk of contamination.

However, in some cases, allergies can have relatively mild symptoms, so much so that sufferers don’t necessarily realize they are allergic. And I’m part of it.

A few weeks ago, I came across the TikTok video of Ziel, a content creator who regularly appears in my feed. The latter humorously mentioned the fact that some people thought that ketchup was a spicy food, when they were simply allergic to tomatoes. In the comments, Internet users specify all kinds of similar allergies: pineapples, peppers, or even kiwi.

And here is the drama. What do you mean kiwis aren’t spicy? For many years, I was convinced that these had a taste similar to that of chili, but in a sweet version. That the tingling on my tongue, my lips swelling and my throat scratching were a normal reaction. But apparently, the answer is no. Surprised, I decided to discuss it with several members of my family, and the consensus was there: kiwi is stinging. Except that in reality, we are all indeed allergic to this fruit, according to my doctor. The latter explained to me that kiwi was one of the trophallergens, that is to say that their reaction was caused by ingestion of the fruit. And above all, I’m lucky: my symptoms are simply cutaneous and digestive. No respiratory or cardiovascular symptoms, which could put my health at risk.

And above all, it explains why I am also allergic to pollen and latex, since these cross allergies between these different things are common.

The good news is that I’m not the only one to have discovered an allergy late in life. Veronica, 37, very recently discovered that she was allergic to all kinds of fruit. “Just like you, I discovered that most fruits and vegetables weren’t supposed to be spicy via a video on the account,” explains the 30-year-old. “Since I was little, I have eaten certain foods sparingly because they sting my tongue, make me feel like I have foam in my mouth, or numb my lips. Among them are apples. soil, tomatoes or even eggplants: everything that makes up the Solanaceae family of plants.”

The latter are in fact part of the so-called “hyper-inflammatory” foods to consume in moderation, because they are not always well tolerated, particularly by people who suffer from allergies or food intolerances. “Not only did they sting my mouth, but they were also responsible for my chronic fatigue, since they caused inflammation, stomach aches and joint pain,” says Veronica. “Except that when we think of food allergy, we don’t think “itchy mouth” but “anaphylactic shock”. So I was screened for endometriosis without success before thinking that perhaps I was allergic to the vegetables that I consumed almost daily,” she concludes fatally.

Indeed, in France, mild allergic symptoms are often ignored, particularly when they resemble symptoms of other pathologies. Which explains why diagnostics take so long to carry out.

Video. Health Notebook – Dr Christian Recchia: “Allergies will unfortunately constitute the main diseases in frequency on this Earth”

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