Engie, Eni… Here is the list of bad students among electricity and gas suppliers

The energy mediator’s report is instructive for being vigilant in the face of bad practices by certain suppliers. Who are the worst students and what are they accused of? We take stock.

The most pinned supplier is… In its 2023 activity report, the energy mediator takes stock, as every year, of bad practices. He has, first of all, awarded a WEKIW red cardI, for the second consecutive year. He blames her recurring bad practices at all times during the life of contractswith 612 referrals for 100,000 contracts.

This is the supplier whose the rate of referrals was the highest in 2023. A rate is 15 times higher than the average rate for all suppliers combined (40). Almost all of the referrals concerning him were the subject of a report to the DGCCRF for non-compliance with one or more provisions of the Consumer Code.

Be careful of the undervaluation of monthly payments

We must also be careful, warns the mediator, because certain suppliers sometimes deliberately undervalue the amount of their customers’ monthly payments. As a result, they end up with regularization invoices of several hundred, even thousands of euros, which arrive at the end of the period, generally a year later.

This criticism is addressed ENIbut also to suppliers Engie, WEKIWI and OHM ENERGIE. If the latter stood out for these attractive prices during our last comparison, you must still be vigilant before subscribing.

Electricity and gas: faced with Eni’s abuses, the radical decision of the energy mediator

Poor handling of complaints

Other bad points, this time for Enedis. The energy mediator notices that the supplier does not properly handle complaints from its customers relating to the quality of their electricity supply, and their requests for connection to the electricity distribution network. There deterioration of the conditions for investigating these disputes in mediation is also deplored.

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