no reopening this morning

The heavy goods vehicle will not be released until at least this afternoon

Credit : X Comments on @préfet78

No luck again this morning for users of the N12 south-west of Paris, in the Paris-Province direction, exit no. 2 towards Versailles-Centre, Porchefontaine and Jouy-en-Josas remains closed this morning due to an accident that occurred Monday March 13 early in the morning.

This closure causes slowdowns but also saturations on other axes: The A86 is very clogged between Vélizy and Pont Colbert, the 3 kilometer journey requiring a few minutes has passed to 25 minutes This morning.
The 13 kilometers between Fresnes and Pont Colbert record a journey time record with 2h30 compared to around twenty minutes normally.
As the weather conditions are not good, these journey times could be extended because the reopening of the exit on the N12 is not planned for this morning.

As a reminder, these difficulties are due to the stopping of a heavy goods vehicle with a leak in its tank. Powered by liquid natural gas, the handling and evacuation of the track are more delicate and therefore require more time for the firefighters and authorities on site. The intervention lasted part of the night and the return to normal has not yet been completed. is not expected before this Tuesday afternoon at least.

According to our latest information via Sytadin, between N12/Pont Colbert (D446) and N12-A86/Pont Colbert, at the request of the firefighters, the N12 will be closed in both directions of traffic at Versailles. The breakdown service will remove the heavy goods vehicle and the estimated duration of the intervention is currently unknown.



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