Foo Fighters enlist Wolfgang Van Halen to cover ‘Eruption’

Foo Fighters enlist Wolfgang Van Halen to cover ‘Eruption’
Foo Fighters enlist Wolfgang Van Halen to cover ‘Eruption’

Dave Grohl had fun during a Foo Fighters concert, with the help of Wolfgang Van Halen, to cover Van Halen solos.

During a concert at the Welcome to Rockville festival on Saturday, Foo Fighters pretended to play two Van Halen classics…only to eventually reveal that Mammoth WVH’s Wolfgang Van Halen was playing backstage.

The gag occurred during the band’s usual mid-concert medley, highlighting the music of drummer Josh Freese, but halfway through, Dave Grohl complained that while all his bandmates had their moment in the spotlight, “ I’m never allowed to do a fucking solo “.

Grohl then declared that he was going to show off his own guitar skills and, with his back to the audience, he launched into the oft-attempted but never duplicated Van Halen classic, ” Eruption “.

However, cameras then revealed that the near-perfect rendition was actually performed by Wolfgang Van Halen, who was storming to the side of the stage after his band performed earlier in the evening.

Everyone applauds Wolfgang Van Halen! » said Dave Grohl. Wolfgang then launched into the solo of “ Hot for Teacher » before Foo Fighters returned to their usual programming with “ My Hero “.

Since Wolfie took all this time to do this joke with us, I’m going to dedicate this one to himGrohl said before playing the song. Let’s sing it for him, and let’s sing it for his fucking father too. »

Earlier in the week, Grohl dedicated “ My Hero » to Steve Albini, with whom he worked on In utero of Nirvana and Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters.

Daniel Kreps

Translated by the editorial staff



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