“We couldn’t see each other”, Jessica Thivenin reconciles with her worst enemy!

Known for their quarrels in ‘Les Marseillais’, Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault seem to have buried the hatchet. These two emblematic figures of reality TV, who shared an ex-boyfriend in the person of Julien Tanti, found common ground and are now friends. Jessica, married to Thibault Garcia, and Manon, wife of Julien, both live in Dubai, where they have developed strong ties.

The two young women, also mothers, surprised their fans by announcing their vacation plan together in Ibiza. This announcement revealed an unexpected complicity, contrasting with their past relationship. Jessica even confided that Manon and Thibault took care of the reservations, thus emphasizing their closeness.

However, this budding friendship raises questions among Internet users. Some wonder if this reconciliation is sincere, especially after Jessica was unable to help the Tantis during a flood at their home. Jessica defended herself by explaining that they were all stranded by the weather, but that she had offered to help where possible.

In the meantime, Jessica Thivenin also experienced tensions with another reality TV friend, Stéphanie Durant. Rumors say that Stéphanie refused to promote Jessica and Thibault’s brand, which led to a breakdown in their friendship. The two women no longer follow each other on social networks, a sign of a potential falling out.

Despite the ups and downs, Jessica Thivenin proves that relationships can evolve over time. His new friendship with Manon Marsault is an example of maturity and change, showing that even the worst enemies can become close friends.



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