A free show for National Patriots Day

The event, which will take place on Sunday, May 19 from 6 p.m., will be presented at the Hautes-Plaines branch of Brasserie du Bas-Canada.

To mark the occasion, the SNQO has focused on regional artists, but who will allow a meeting between contemporary sound and traditional tunes, all offered in a beautiful diversity of colors.

On stage, we will be able to see and hear Flora Flores, Yazid. Passim and Les Meunier du Moulin.

When we talk about diversity, we could ask for more.


Flora Flores. (SNQO)

Flora has Mexican roots. Originally from Outaouais, this singer-songwriter was introduced to Quebec audiences during the eighth season of La Voix, while Yazid, also from Outaouais, puts her Moroccan origins to music.

Wassim, also from Gatineau, continues to highlight his Lebanese roots in his music and lyrics.


Wassim. (SNQO)

Finally, Les Meunier du Moulin are passionate about songs to respond to a cappella. The Outaouais group brings together family and friends to revisit traditional Quebec melodies.

Organized in partnership with the Outaouais microbrewery, this evening will be an opportunity to commemorate the history of the patriots of 1837-1838 and to honor their legacy in the fight for the rights of the majority, including the right to self-determination and to a modern republic in Quebec and Canada, the SNQO reminds us.


Yazid. (SNQO)

The population, including children, is of course invited to join these celebrations. For more information, those interested can visit the Facebook page of the National Patriot Day in Outaouais or the SNQO.



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